Nitrogen Writing Style Guide

Writing Style Guide

Introduction, is one of the largest and most trusted bitcoin betting sites. Established in 2012, Nitrogen challenges bitcoin industry standards for sportsbook odds as well as dice, poker and provably fair casino games.

The unique nature of bitcoin allows for enhanced attributes, beyond what a normal sportsbook can offer. Deposits process quickly and users do not have to wait long stretches of time before their withdrawals clear. Deposits require few confirmations so getting started is as fast as the bitcoin blockchain permits, while withdrawals are cheap and processed with lightning fast speed.

Accounts can be secured with 2-factor authentication if players so choose, maximizing the safety of their bitcoin. Nitrogen also offers a leading support team who answer user support tickets or emails in a helpful and friendly manner, supporting the work of Nitrogen’s community and outreach team.

Point of Contact

Questions regarding the editorial calendar, content, scheduling, style and payments can be made via Los, Nitrogen Sports Blog’s writer outreach coordinator. Los can be reached via [email protected].

Attribution and Ownership

All commissioned content produced in partnership with Nitrogen Sports is the sole property of the company, regardless of state of publish.

In addition, unless explicitly released by Nitrogen’s content manager, all correspondence relating to Nitrogen content remains sole property of the company. Nitrogen also reserves the right to interpret and edit all commissioned content as it sees fit.

Site Use

Writers at Nitrogen Sports, contract or otherwise, are not permitted to use the site for personal use. If you have a prior account with Nitrogen, please let us know. On occasion, a test account may be necessary to bring writers up to speed with a feature or process. These accounts will be closely monitored and administered under the sole discretion of the company.


Writers may suggest image use with their pieces, but all image preference is at the sole discretion of Nitrogen Sports. When submitting an image, please ensure that the image is either royalty-free or open source. Google Images is not a good source to procure images from.


Submissions are to be made via non-cloud (.doc) files, formatted in either Ariel or Times New Roman with body text no larger than 12pt.

Please label and list headings appropriately. All submissions are to be made to your point of contact by the mutually agreed submission date+time.

General Blog Writing Guidelines

Be casual, but smart
Nitrogen readers are probably not on the blog to read a research paper. Keep things light, airy and fun. Be conversational while remaining authoritative.
Be specific
If you’re writing about data, put the numbers in context. If you’re writing about a sport or team, give the reader plenty of background information.

Don’t assume they know everything about what youre talking about while being careful not to overwhelm them with basic information. It’s a fine balance. Know the audience well.
Get to the point
Don’t delay an important idea with flowery language.

The blog posts at Nitrogen are designed to present information in an elegant and efficient way without wasting reader time. Make every sentence count. Break up paragraphs correctly and rewrite to accomplish brevity if needed.

Pace and Tone

Writers at Nitrogen should write with clarity and brevity. If a sentence can be shortened without losing meaning and context, the writer must always choose to ‘cut the fat’ and shorten it.

Nitrogen understands that the above idea conflicts with standard payment practices, which pays ‘by the word’ or via a word count ‘tier’. Nitrogen will always reward writers who can write clear and concise content.

For example, well-written 450 word pieces on a 500 word commission will always be paid as 500 word pieces, with good reason. If in doubt, please get in touch with your point of contact and they will be glad to help answer questions.

For an idea as to what it means to write with clarity and brevity, see below for excerpts from The Kansas City Star stylebook that Ernest Hemingway once credited with containing “the best rules I ever learned for the business of writing.”

  • Use short sentences.
  • Never use old slang.
  • Eliminate every superfluous word.
  • Use short first paragraphs.
  • Try to preserve the atmosphere of the speech in your quotation. For instance, in quoting a child, do not let him say “Inadvertently, I picked up the stone and threw it.”
  • Write in active voice, not passive voice.
  • Avoid use of adverbs where at all possible.

The Hemingway Text Editor is a fantastic resource for writers hoping to clarify their writing projects.

Things to Avoid

As an online gaming platform, Nitrogen has to make specific considerations regarding ‘things to avoid’.
No Direct Picks
Writers for Nitrogen should not directly guide readers towards one pick over another.

“Coming off a big win against KC, Green Bay could take the matchup with Seattle” = OK.
“Green Bay is a lock against Seattle and should easily cover the spread” = NOT OK.

Negative Play
Nitrogen asks that writers make no overt references to losing money or other bets. The company is very proactive about responsible gambling, and wants to maintain a positive environment on its content platforms.
Bitcoin Value and ICOs
The current price of bitcoin, good or bad, should not be discussed on Nitrogen’s content platforms unless specifically mandated through your point of contact.

Writers should not recommend or endorse exchanges or other bitcoin affiliated ventures including ICOs. Writers may choose to discuss the benefits of bitcoin and how it relates to the gambling community, but only in broad strokes.
Wild Speculation
Writers must ensure that they have the ability to report the credible source behind any stated fact. Speculation within reason is OK, but wild speculation is not.
References to Other Sportsbooks and Casinos
There should be no direct or indirect references to other sportsbooks and casinos/poker rooms, online or otherwise.

Word Use

Some word uses could go either way. Here’s how we use them.

add-on (noun, adjective), add on (verb)
back end (noun), back-end (adjective)
bitcoin (never capitalize unless it begins a sentence)
drop-down (noun, adjective), drop down (verb)
emoji (singular and plural)
front end (noun), front-end (adjective)
internet (never capitalize unless it begins a sentence)
login (noun, adjective), log in (verb)
like (the social media activity)
online (never capitalize unless it begins a sentence)
signup (noun, adjective), sign up (verb)
tweet, retweet

Words to Avoid

funnel, incentivize, leverage, disruption, thought leader, or other fluffy corporate terms

internets, interwebs, or any other variation of the word “internet”

ninja, rockstar, wizard, unicorn (unless referring to a literal ninja, rockstar, wizard, or unicorn)

crushing it, killing it

crazy, insane, or similar words to describe people

Of course, these can’t possibly account for every word choice scenario but we’ll do our best to evolve this so that writers have an advanced reference to go by. For other questions regarding word use, please ask your point of contact at Nitrogen.


Nitrogen often shows preference for specific prasing practices. The following phrases are preferred:

Player rather than user.
Wager rather than bet (noun).
Play rather than bet (verb).

Time and Date

Time is to be written in 12-hour format with AM/PM followed by EST (for Eastern Standard Time). All times must be pegged to EST regardless of where the event is taking place.