Win free bet prizes, Bitcoin in Nitrogen Sports’ Nitro Squares

Doncic Nitro Square 2019-20 season

Let’s add some spice to your 2019-20 NBA season experience.

Are you ready for Nitro Squares?

Nitrogen Sports is introducing the Nitro Squares, our own version of the popular contest played by sports fans across the globe.

In Nitro Squares, all you need to do is pick a square (or squares), wait for the games to finish and check if you’ve selected the winning square! If you make the correct prediction, Bitcoin prizes will be credited to your Nitrogen Sports account!

The basic goal in this contest is to pick the winning square — the final digit of a winning team’s score and the final digit of the losing team’s score, in that order. (For example, an NBA game ended with a 101-99 final score. This means that player/s who have picked the square with a 1-9 digit combination will win the contest and Bitcoin free bets!)

Read the full Nitro Squares rules and guidelines.

Nitro Squares offers guaranteed prizes to winners, and it’s open to all Nitrogen Sports players. We will have multiple Nitro Squares ready for players to join–and the best news is that we’ll start this promo with a lot of free to enter Nitro Squares contests, with guaranteed free bet prizes (in Bitcoin) ranging from $10, $50 or $100!

Got any more questions about how to play squares? Check our Nitro Squares FAQs page.

We’re featuring a lot of NBA games to start the Nitro Squares promo but we’re open to suggestions on which sporting events you want to see added to our Nitro Squares!

Maybe some EuroBasket Squares? NFL Squares? How about squares for the upcoming NCAAF bowl season? We can also do squares based on the saves count of two starting NHL goalies.

Email us at [email protected] for all your league and sports suggestions!

Head over to Nitro Squares main page and start picking your squares for upcoming NBA games.

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