Who should replace Max Kellerman on First Take?

max kellerman

Max Kellerman is reportedly on his way out of ESPN’s First Take, according to several reports. His departure is not going to be immediate and nothing has been officially finalized on that front yet, but the general expectation is that Kellerman will soon be leaving his spot across Stephen A. Smith. 

Per The New York Post:

Kellerman is expected to be removed from ESPN’s “First Take,” the show in which he and Stephen A. Smith verbally battle each day, going hot take for hot take, sources confirmed.

This is not the end of Kellerman at ESPN, as he is likely to have an increased role on ESPN Radio and potentially his own TV show, according to sources. He already does a boxing-focused program.

If that is how the show will move on, the obvious question in everyone’s mind is who will be replacing Max Kellerman? It’s also possible that ESPN would rather just have Stephen A. Smith run the show on his own, as he is electric and colorful enough to fill the void that would be left by Kellerman. Then again, it’s just so much entertaining when Smith is verbally going toe to toe with somebody else on the program. 



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Who can be the best replacement for Max Kellerman?

It’s important to remember that First Take covers not just one sport or league. While the discussions are often concentrated on the NBA and the NFL, the show branches out to boxing, MMA, college sports, and sometimes, baseball, which are sports Kellerman are all comfortable and insightful enough in various degrees. ESPN still has plenty of intriguing personalities in its bullpen who can relieve Kellerman like Ryan Clark, Mike Greenberg, Dan Orlovsky, and even Kendrick Perkins. 

It’s been five years since Max Kellerman took over the role left by Skip Bayless at First Take. If this is really the end of Kellerman on the show, his replacement will have some big shoes to fill — if ESPN does decide to get a sub.

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