Top 5 Head Coach Candidates For The Los Angeles Lakers

Top candidates for head coach for the Lakers

Tyronn Lue is not going to be the Los Angeles Lakers next head coach despite having a Lakers-themed cake during his recent birthday party. Negotiations between Lue and the Lakers has come to an end, as the former Cleveland Cavaliers master tactician was seeking a bigger financial security than the Lakers were willing to offer.

Now the search for a new head coach resumes for the Lakers. Below is a list of top head coach candidates for the Lakers prepared by Nitrogen Sports Blog.

Frank Vogel leads head coach candidates for the Lakers

When the Indiana Pacers hired Frank Vogel as their full-time head coach in 2011, he was only 38 years old. He had some immediate success with three-straight seasons of steering Indiana to 42-win seasons, peaking in the 2013-14 campaign when the Pacers went 56-26.

But things went south shortly after and he wasn’t able to take the Pacers to the promised land.

Still, Vogel can deliver exactly what Los Angeles needs. Vogel is a defensive specialist, and the Lakers were inconsistent on that end of the floor all year.

The Lakers like Vogel because they were already thinking about adding him to Lue’s staff as the lead assistant. Vogel was the first to be interviewed after negations with Ty Lue came to an impasse. So obviously the Lakers see something they like in Vogel.

Mike Woodson

Mike Woodson doesn’t have a sparkling resume. But that can also be said about most coaches that handled LeBron James before.

Allowing LeBron to do his thing is the number one requirement for the job. Woodson has experience with coaching ball-dominant forwards, particularly in New York, where he had Carmelo Anthony leading the Knicks.

His style could provide the perfect environment for LeBron to thrive like he used to during his reign in the Eastern Conference.

Lionel Hollins

It’s been reported that Lionel Hollins is well respected by the Lakers. He was a strong head coach candidate for the Lakers the last time they were looking for a coach. Now, he’s being viewed as one of the frontrunners to land the job in 2019.

At 65, Hollins is the oldest of the potential candidates the Lakers are reportedly interested in. Hollins had success with the Memphis Grizzlies but is sub .500 for his career. He hasn’t coached since 2016 when he had a forgettable stint with the Brooklyn Nets.

Jason Kidd

Speaking of Brooklyn, former Nets star and Brooklyn head coach Jason Kidd’s name came up as a possible reason Ty Lue had second thoughts about taking the Lakers job. The Lakers were considering hiring Kidd to be a part of a possible Lue-led staff.

The buzz is that Lue was not pleased with the control the Lakers would hand over his staff of assistants. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers loved the Hall of Fame point guard’s interview.

Kidd made such a good impression that it is possible he could be tapped for the head coaching position.

Kurt Rambis

There have been rumors floating around that Kurt Rambis has a lot of influence on the Lakers’ ownership. Rambis is a four-time champion with the Lakers with experience coaching in big market teams.

It has been reported that Rambis was able to convince the Lakers to stay away from Ty Lue. There are also rumors that he also tried to force his way onto Luke Walton’s staff last year.

Rambis owns a poor 65-164 record in two seasons coaching the Minnesota Timberwolves and a season at the helm of the Knicks.

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The Lakers are not inspiring their fans these days. They did not make the playoffs again, and the team’s direction is unclear to say the least. Hiring one of the aforementioned head coach candidates will be a good start for the Lakers, who has a lot of boxes to check in the offseason.

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