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After five years in the making, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has finally arrived to bring sports fans from all over the globe the biggest display and assembly of the finest athletes in their respective fields of practice. That being said, we’re celebrating the return of the Summer Olympics with our latest offering of Nitrogen Squares contests in line with the biggest events of the competition.

Read on to know more about our Tokyo 2020 Olympics Nitro Squares contests that are ready to take bets this very moment. And for even more updates from the world of professional sports, head on over to Nitrogen Sports Blog after this.

How to Join and Play Our Tokyo 2020 Olympics Nitro Squares Contests

With dozens of sporting competitions about to take place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, there’ll be just as many wagering opportunities at hand throughout the course of the event. But apart from the typical betting lines for each competition, Nitrogen Sports is also delivering even more betting action for special occasions such as the Olympics by way of our exclusive Nitro Squares contests.


TOKYO 2020

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The goal of each player at a given Nitro Squares contest is to predict the correct and exact order of two specific numbers out of all possible combinations between the numbers 0 and 9. The player who correctly predicts the final outcome with his/her squares selection wins the specified amount for that particular squares contest!

Placing Nitro Squares bets on timed events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics such as track and field and swimming competitions will be treated quite differently compared to point-based competitions like basketball.

Basketball Nitro Squares contests

In basketball Nitro Squares contests, the winning square is determined by the last digits of the final scores of both teams involved in a specified game. Basically, the winning team’s last digit in their final score will be the first number and the losing team’s last digit in their final score will be the second number in the winning square.

As an example, if Team USA beats Spain via a score of 91-86, then the winning combination for the Nitro Square contest of that game will be 1-6.

Athletics and Swimming Nitro Squares contests

The winning square in a given athletic/swimming event will be determined by the final time of the gold-medal finisher and the silver-medal finisher’s times, with the second decimal digit of each respective time being the basis of the winning result. For example: if the gold medalist finished with a time of 9.4876 and the silver medalist finished with a time of 9.5984, the winning square would then be 8-9.

Head on over here for the complete rules and guidelines regarding our Tokyo 2020 Olympics Nitro Squares contests, as well as our exclusive Nitrogen Squares contests for any and all other major sporting events from around the world.

Where to make Tokyo 2020 Olympics picks

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TOKYO 2020

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