Give It A “Try”: Three Reasons Why Rugby Is A Blast

    March 11, 2015 | Sports Play Rugby At Nitrogen Sports

    Rugby is a phenomenal sport. It has all the ingredients that should make it popular across the globe, but it has not yet penetrated many major markets. I believe that a number of us are missing out on an amazing spectacle, and I have decided to do my part to promote a game that is simply and boldly put, badass.

    Rugby Has An Awesome Founding Legend

    The origins of rugby remain something of a mystery, but the most common foundation myth credits Anglican clergyman William Webb Ellis with inventing the sport. His invention sprang from something which all of us who had to play a frustrating game of soccer as youngsters dream about. Apparently fed up with using his feet only, Ellis picked up the ball in his arms and ran with it. Although this might have been more of a level-headed decision, I like to imagine a ticked-off reverend saying “screw this”, picking up the ball and taking it for the score in a most unsportsmanlike fashion. Ellis’ invention continues to thrive to this day, with the game living in the spirit of its unruly inventor.

    The Fantastic Pace of Rugby

    For all you fans of American football who have never given rugby a second thought: I love your brand of football as well. That being said, rugby wraps all the physicality of your sport into a more concentrated bundle that features approximately 10,000 fewer stoppages of play per game. An 80-minute match of rugby contains great runs, crunching tackles, few whistles, and absolutely zero shots of a coach’s face in between plays (I guarantee it!). In all seriousness, this makes for a much better pace and means fewer commercial breaks, something we all want.

    Sweet Dance Moves

    Alright, maybe you’re thinking this seems a bit out of place. What on earth would dancing have to do with a grueling sports contest? If you are thinking this then you are quite simply wrong and I will tell you why. The New Zealand All-Blacks are one of world rugby’s powerhouse teams. It’s a wonder that such a small island country can, year after year, sustain its place at the very pinnacle of rugby’s elite nations. Is it steroids? black magic? No, it’s one word: Haka. I did not make this up. A Haka is a traditional Maori challenge, performed by the All-Blacks before each international match.
    Rugby: New Zealand Haka
    Now imagine that you are an opposing rugby player watching this unfold before your very eyes. Not only are you confused and a little bit frightened, you are totally unprepared to face what comes next. If this isn’t badass, I’m not sure what is. The Haka has given New Zealand a distinct advantage over its foes for decades and shows no sign of losing its potency anytime soon.

    There you have it. Three reasons why rugby is a sport worth watching and wagering on at Nitrogen Sports. Learn how to bet on sports and start placing your bets. It is a move that will be sure to increase your enjoyment of the sporting universe.

    As a side note, we will unfortunately not be offering an over/under on the time of New Zealand’s next Haka, but you can place all your other rugby wagers with us at Nitrogen Sports.

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