Why Rafael Nadal Will Not Win The 2019 French Open

    May 7, 2019 | Sports Tennis Nadal will not win French Open 2019

    The French Open is Rafael Nadal’s favorite tournament. The Spaniard won the prestigious event last year, his 11th at Roland Garros in his career. Nadal is a heavy favorite to win it all again at the French Open, but he isn’t as sure of a shot as most people think he is.

    Nitrogen Sports Blog lays out some of the reasons why Nadal will not win the French Open and leave the Parisian courts empty-handed this time around.

    Injury burdens still weighing heavy

    Nadal’s place in the sport’s history is already well established. That said, he’s not getting any younger. At 32 years old (turning 33 in June), Nadal’s body is starting to break down, with injury concerns often bothering him.

    Nadal is on the mend following yet another knee injury he suffered in 2018. While he is expected to play, Nadal’s medical issues will be difficult to overcome completely.

    Opponents eager to steal his spotlight

    Another reason why Nadal will not win the French Open? The increased focus on him by the opposition.

    It’s remarkable that Nadal has managed to win as many grand slams as he has had when considering the outstanding level of skill displayed by his opponents.

    There aren’t a lot of tournaments with brighter lights than the French Open, so expect Nadal’s rivals to be pumped up and fully motivated to bring down the reigning champ.

    Nadal will most likely meet Roger Federer and/or Novak Djokovic. Dominic Thiem is anxious to live up to the potential he has shown last year when he reached the final. And, Alexander Zverev, projected to be the next superstar of international tennis, is looking to make good on his early promises.

    The pressure for Nadal to win his 18th grand slam grows each time he wins a major, which is how it’s supposed to be. While the thirst to win more is undoubtedly there for Nadal, his opponents may be hungrier for success.

    The King of Clay has had a lackluster season

    At his best Nadal is simply unstoppable on the clay court, especially at Roland Garros. Between 2004 and 2014, he won the Silver Trophy eight out of nine times!

    But his performances this season have not been exactly stellar. Sure, 2019 has yet to reach the halfway mark as of this writing, but it’s still quite concerning for Nadal’s fans that the tennis superstar has yet to win a title this season.

    He’s got a chance to win one, however, before the 2019 French Open when he participates at the 2019 Madrid Open. But the fact that he has failed yet to secure any major victories on clay is a worrying sign that makes us think 2019 may not produce Nadal’s 12th triumph in Paris.

    Bet Bitcoin on French Open 2019
    Bet Bitcoin on French Open 2019

    The French Open begins on May 26 and includes an outstanding cast of players. While Rafael Nadal may have his work cut out for him in the men’s singles bracket, there is one detail that should not be forgotten: that he is the most successful player in the tournament’s esteemed history.

    It’s not easy to make a case why Rafael Nadal will not win the French Open. He’s owned the tournament like the Chicago Bulls owned the 1990s in the NBA and like the Golden State Warriors over the past few years.

    In any case, Nadal will get the attention of sports fans and bettors alike once the tournament kicks off. Interested in betting on the 2019 French Open? You might want to check our sports betting guide.

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