World Cup Propositions Glossary

    July 4, 2014 | Soccer World Cup Betting

    To celebrate the World Cup, Nitrogen Sports has offered lines on over 2000 props! Props (or propositions) are bets that often don’t have anything to do with who wins or loses the game, but allow you to bet on other aspects of a match. For example, you can bet on whether or not both teams will score in the second half, or at what time the first yellow card will be shown.

    With over 2000 props to choose from, you have a lot of options! Some might be a little confusing, so we’ve included some common questions and props in a glossary below. If you’d like us to add any to this list, please leave a note in the comments, or ask us in the chat!

    Happy betting!

    Win both halves:
    This is like splitting the game into two mini games. The team you bet on would have to win both halves individually. If your team ties both halves, this does not result in a push.

    Win from behind:

    Does a 1-0 win count? No. In order to win this prop, you’d have to bet on a team who falls behind during the match, and comes back for a win.

    Highest Scoring Half:

    In this bet you can pick Team A, Team B or Draw for which half will have the highest score. If the score is a tie and you did not pick Draw then it is a loss.

    Time of 1st Goal

    Time of goal props require you to predict the period of time the first goal will be scored in. If no goals are scored, all bets are lost – this does not result in a push or cancellation.

    Race to 1st Goal and Race to 2nd Goal

    This means you’re betting on the team to score the first goal. Race to 2nd goal is a race for a team to score their 2nd goal. So the team you’re betting on must score 2 goals before the other team does in order for the bet to be a win.

    Betting on a team to score the 2nd goal is different – in this case, you’re betting that your team will score the second goal of the match. They don’t necessarily need to score the first one.

    Match Action:

    Match Action points are calculated as follows:
    10 points – per goal
    10 points – per penalty
    5 points – per yellow card
    5 points – per red card
    (max 10 points per player for cards)
    3 points – per corner

    So, if your bet looks like: 1-5 Points v Brazil v Mexico – Match Action in the first 5 minutes, what you’re betting is that Brazil and Mexico together will get between 1-5 Match Action points in the first 5 minutes.

    Match Action should not be confused with a bet on Team Performance, which is calculated differently.

    Other tips:

    • Unless stated otherwise, all props are in regulation time only.
    • If you have any questions or are unclear on the rules, please ask us in the chat, or submit a support ticket. We’re happy to help!

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