How To Play Soccer Nitro Squares Contests

Nitro Squares Soccer Contests

Nitro Squares contests have been among the many attractions on Nitrogen Sports. Along with Nitro Sims and Nitro Brackets, Nitro Squares provides players a great and simple alternative way to earn more bitcoin.

Because of its simplicity, Nitro Squares is able to keep Nitrogen Sports players constantly engaged and interested in contests based on games in the NBA, NFL, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, eSports, MMA fights, and now, soccer.
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Speaking of soccer, here are the important details players should know about Nitro Squares soccer contests.

First up, the basics.

In basketball and American football Nitro Squares contests, the winning square is always determined by the last digits of the final scores of the competing teams. In soccer Nitro Squares contests, the winning square isn’t based on the final score, but on the last digits of total corner kicks attempted by each team at the end of a given match.

The established order of digits in the winning square has the team with the highest number of corner kicks attempted going first followed by the team with the lower number of corner kicks attempted.

As an example, let’s say that at the end of the match between Inter Milan and Roma, the former had eight (8) total corner kicks attempted, while the latter had five (5). For this game, the winning square is the one that features the 8-5 combination and all entries under that square will be declared winner/s. The result of the game is inconsequential to the correct order of the digits in Nitro Squares soccer contests.


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There are two types of Nitro Squares contests. The first one is FREE. In Free Nitro Squares contests, any player with a Nitrogen Sports account is qualified to join. The other type is Betslip Buy-in, wherein players are required to submit a qualified betslip before making their pick/s.

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