Nets’ & Sixers’ Latest Odds To Win 2022 NBA Championship After James Harden-Ben Simmons Swap

James Harden, Ben Simmons

It happened. James Harden got what he wants after all, which was to escape to the Philadelphia 76ers from the control of the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets sent the former NBA MVP to Philadelphia in exchange for a package centered on Ben Simmons, who goes to Brooklyn with Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, a 2022 unprotected pick, and a top-8 protected 2027 first-round pick.

Nitrogen Sports Blog takes a look at this massive trade just before the 3 pm 2022 NBA Trade Deadline Wednesday and reveals the current future odds for each of the Nets and the Sixers to win the 2022 NBA championship.

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James Harden-Ben Simmons 2022 NBA Trade Breakdown

Obviously, giving up a player like Harden was not an easy decision for the Nets. At the same time, they should be getting a passing mark on this deal. While Harden undeniably leaves a big void on the Nets’ roster, getting Simmons offers plenty of upside for Brooklyn. Simmons isn’t the scorer that Harden is, but he is still an elite playmaker who fits perfectly alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on offense. Simmons is not going to look for his shots as much as he wants to distribute the leather, as he’ll be more than happy to just let Durant and Irving take over offensively.  On the other side of the ball, Brooklyn would definitely love what the former LSU Tigers star brings to the table. Simmons. Unlike Harden, Simmons is a capable defender who can cover guards to centers. His presence on the floor can kill pick-and-rolls by the opponents and limits their options when hunting for mismatches. 



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For the Sixers, this trade basically netted them a top-five player who instantly elevates their offense. Philadelphia is only 20th in the NBA as of this writing with 107.8 points per game but you can expect the Sixers to improve on that number once Harden starts to become a regular part of the rotation which should be soon. Harden missed the final few games with the Nets because of a reported hamstring issue, but that could also just be Brooklyn trying not to risk a serious injury that would make the deal fall apart. In Philly, Harden gets to form a powerful duo with Joel Embiid, arguably the No. 1 big man in the NBA today. The Sixers perhaps will miss the depth that Seth Curry provides and the insurance Drummond gives, but for Harden, most teams would likely okay such a deal. The Sixers have managed to position themselves inside the playoff picture for the most part of the season without any help from Simmons, and now they get Harden, who will play as soon as he’s over his hamstring problems. Things are looking up in the City of Brotherly Love.

Nets Odds To Win 2022 Odds To Win 2022 NBA Championship After the 2022 NBA Trade Deadline

The Nets are on a free fall, having lost nine games in a row ahead of the 2022 NBA trade deadline. That skid has reached 10 games now after Brooklyn lost to the Washington Wizards on the road Wednesday evening. It’s not looking good for the Nets, but it’s not hard to imagine this team rising up again once Durant gets back from his injury and Simmons starts playing. Drummond will also be a big presence in the middle for Brooklyn that lacks a reliable body in the paint. His rebounding will have a huge impact right away for the Nets, who are 14th in the NBA in boards per game. You can view the Nets’ odds to win the Eastern Conference title and NBA Championship here.

Sixers Odds To Win 2022 NBA Championship After the 2022 NBA Trade Deadline

As mentioned above, the Sixers are on pace to make the playoffs. They are battling still for a higher seed, and that’s where Harden will tremendously help them. A trio consisting of Harden, Embiid, and Tobias Harris is a new nightmare for the rest of the league and makes the Sixers an even bigger threat to win it all. After the experience of a disastrous playoff in 2021 which also triggered the Simmons saga, the Sixers must now be more confident in their chances to make a deeper run in the postseason. You can view the Sixers’ odds to win the Eastern Conference title and NBA Championship here.

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