How Nitrogen Sports Rollovers Work

Nitrogen Sports Rollovers

Nitrogen Sports understands that knowing the ins and outs of online sportsbooks is essential to maximize one’s winning potential. That being said, let’s discuss how the rollover mechanic works in sportsbook betting. You can also check out our handy sports betting guide to learn more about wagering once you’re done reading this piece.

Basically, rollover requirements are online sportsbooks’ way of controlling the way players use a bonus they received through contests or promotions.

A rollover is generally considered as the value of previous bets made on the site needed to be met in order for a player to redeem certain bonuses that were earned.

For example, a Nitrogen Sports player won a prize worth 0.005 Bitcoin free bets or Bitcoin straight up. Without the rollover, that player can withdraw the 0.005 BTC right away. That’s not the case, however, when the concept of rollover requirement is applied.


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The rollover requirement comes in shortly after this. Using the prior example, a 2x rollover requirement would mean that new users would need to wager that 0.005 BTC bonus two times over – regardless of the wagers’ outcomes – before they can include that amount in their withdrawal.

To put it simply, rollover requirements protect online sportsbooks from users wanting to cash out immediately after receiving bonuses. Given how bettors often make multiple wagers in a given day, meeting rollover requirements is hardly an issue for as long as the wagering action keeps on rolling. In turn, any bonuses essentially turn into free money in their virtual bankrolls, which will often be used to fuel any succeeding bets for even bigger winnings.

It’s highly advised that bettors be aware of Nitrogen Sports’ rules and guidelines such as rollover requirements in order to get a better grasp on how we provide the right balance between high-value promotions and proper protection from fly-by-night players only looking to make a quick buck through bonus offerings.

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