The 5 Strongest Stanley Cup Contenders

    March 25, 2019 | Hockey Sports Stanley Cup Contenders 2019

    The 2018-19 National Hockey League (NHL) regular season is still not over, but the Stanley Cup Playoff picture is getting clearer as we inch closer to the postseason.

    Teams are starting to clinch playoffs spots, though, there are still plenty of jockeying for the other free seats in the postseason.. How will the remainder of the regular season and playoffs shape up? Who will lift the Stanley Cup in three months from now?

    With less than ten games for each team before the playoffs, Nitrogen Sports Blog has listed the top Stanley Cup contenders for 2019 heading into the playoffs.

    1. Tampa Bay Lightning

    The Lightning are dominating the regular season, and there are no signs of slowing down. They have reached the 120-point plateau with still six games remaining on their schedule and have clinched the President’s Trophy. The team is having a remarkable season, thanks to a top-rated offense and a shutdown defense to go along with excellent play by their special teams.If the commitment continues, the Stanley Cup Finals may be a walk in the park for Tampa Bay.

    2. Calgary Flames

    Johnny Hockey and the Flames will be there in the playoffs looking to provide more fireworks. There is still work to do for them to lock up the top seed in the Western Conference, but at least Calgary is safely in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

    3. San Jose Sharks

    Bet on NHL Stanley Cup
    Bet on NHL Stanley Cup

    The Sharks are still breathing down the necks of fellow Stanley Cup contenders and division mate in the form of the Flames, but even if the team doesn’t catch Calgary, San Jose is going to be part of the playoff party, having booked a ticket to the postseason already. Nevertheless, the Sharks will have to recover their fine form as they have been losing a lot of late. San Jose could have the home ice-advantage if it takes the No. 1 seed in Western Conference.

    4. Boston Bruins

    Boston would have been the top team in the Eastern Conference if it weren’t for the fact that the Bruins play in the same conference and in the same division as Tampa Bay. Still, the Bruins must be lauded for what they have accomplished so far despite missing the likes of Patrice Bergeron, David Pastrnak, and Tony Krug for more than a handful of games in the regular season. That shows that this team has serious depth and resiliency.

    5. Washington Capitals

    The Capitals are in the running to win the Metropolitan Division. They don’t have much time to relax, as the New York Islanders and the Pittsburgh Penguins looming large in Washington’s rear view mirror. The Capitals are unlikely to surpass last year’s total of 105 points, but the 11-time division champions have vast playoff experience on their side. After all, they are the defending Stanley Cup champions.

    The Stanley Cup Playoffs never fails to supply the action every sports fan craves for. It attracts fans and those people interested to learn how to bet on sports, since it’s the kind of sporting spectacle that provides immense thrill, drama, and sheer unpredictability.

    With all Stanley Cup Playoffs contenders in 2019 nearly decided, it’s high time to read up on hockey pieces. Which team do you think will raise the Cup this year?

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