Week 10 Bloodbath: $140,000* Awarded in NFL Survivor Pools

2019 NFL Survivor Pool Stories Week 10

There are no undefeated teams left this season in the NFL. We repeat: there are zero remaining unblemished records in the league after the San Francisco 49ers fell prey to the Seattle Seahawks last Monday. Let’s say that again, this time louder for those in the back: the MIAMI DOLPHINS ARE ON A TWO-GAME WINNING STREAK AND WE ARE LOSING OUR MINDS!

Oh, wait. The last one is a different story. But you get the point — NFL Week 10 didn’t make much sense. It arrived and left all of us stumped. It arrived and crushed entries left and right until only a handful remained. Above all else, Week 10 was brutal to most, but a gift to a few.

Nitrogen Sports is currently in the process of awarding the prizes for the first batch of winners following everything that has transpired in Week 10. All of them will get a share of the tantalizing total of 16 BTC (~$140,200).

Name of PoolGTD Prize*EntriesSurvivors*
Free Pool$1,7554,37925
Prospect Pool$1,6711,90614
Draftee Pool$8,7971,00312
Rookie Pool$11,45052210
Captain Pool$16,8003838
All Pro Pool$27,9803197
MVP Pool$29,4701121 winner
Hall of Famer Pool$218,4002493
Nitrogen Pool$114,000132 winners
*BTC-USD exchange rate at the time of publishing.
**Entries left after Week 10.


The Colts, Saints, and 49ers walked into a pool bar and burned it all down

Everyone knows Clint Eastwood’s Academy Award-winning picture, The Unforgiven. It has plenty of memorable moments, perhaps none better than the bar scene in which Eastwood’s character, William Munny, barged into a saloon and single handedly took everyone out.

Well, the Colts, the Saints, and the 49ers each had their Munny moment in Week 10, as they teamed up to eviscerat survivors in all paid pools.

The Free Pool went from 285 live entries down to just 25 after Week 10; the Prospect Pool are now only left with 14 after seeing 144 make it to Week 10; the Draftee Pool looked like it was plagued with 129 entries going up in flames. The Captain, All Pro, MVP, Hall of Famer, and NITROGEN Pools have a measly combined total of 19 entries making it to Week 11. Last week, all those five pools had 166 survivors.

(Warning: another Clint Eastwood reference ahead.)

Just when it felt for many of those who struck out in Week 10 that they were going to get it right again, Dirty Harry turned around and asked them this rhetorical question: “Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?”

NITROGEN Pool closes with two winners

The NITROGEN Pool is now done, with all 13 users failing to make it past Week 10. That means that the last two users remaining after Week 9 will share the guaranteed prize pool worth 13 BTC. They are users 654753 and 5089337, who picked the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, respectively.

The Saints got tripped up by the Atlanta Falcons, who lost all of their previous six games, while the Colts were victimized by the Dolphins, who should have had no business winning two games this season, let alone win one on the road against one of the better teams in the AFC. The Colts didn’t have Jacoby Brissett and TY Hilton, but still, they were against the Fins at the House That Peyton Manning Built.

User 4982421 is the real (and only) MVP in the MVP Pool

Somehow, User 4982421 managed to avoid the landmines in Week 10, instead choosing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win against the Arizona Cardinals. Imagine trusting Jameis Winston and actually winning the entire 3.36 BTC prize pool. That must feel good. And we see you celebrating already out there. Congratulations!
NFL Survivor Pool Week 10
Now, go eat a W, 4982421!


The secret is out

Six secret Survivor Pools also determined their respective winners. The Poker Pool entered Week 10 with 13 live entries but all but one remained after the bloodbath. The Sportsbook Pool also has a lone winner, who’ll take home the guaranteed prize.

And oh boy, the Mailing List Pool had an unbelievable way to end with 29 of the remaining entries after Week 9 getting eliminated and only one surviving this week. (And the Bucs won it for our winner too).

Meanwhile, the Social, Community, and NitroChat Survivor Pools have no users making it to Week 11, which means those who were still standing as of Week 9 in the said pools stand to get their rewards.

Some games to look forward to in Week 11


Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens

All you need to know to get excited for this game is that this will feature two of the gifted young quarterbacks. It’s Deshaun Watson going head to head with Lamar Jackson. The Texans are coming off a bye, but they got some measure of victory in Week 10, as the Indianapolis Colts got upset by the Miami Dolphins. That means, they will enter Week 11 still the solo leader in the AFC South. The Ravens, on the other hand, are having a blast, winning all of their past five games to sustain the gap between them and the rest of the AFC North.

New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles

It’s a rematch of Super Bowl 52, as the Eagles welcome the Patriots at home this coming weekend. The Eagles are gaining steam again after losing to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 7, pocketing two-straight wins over the Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bears before taking a rest in Week 10. The Patriots also took an extended rest in Week 10 following their loss to the Ravens in Week 9 — their first of the season.

Don’t forget to check out more NFL Game Previews here at Nitrogen Sports Blog.

For all those who have survived, make sure you lock in your picks this week! Good luck!

*All NFL Survivor Pools winning entries are verified first before awarding of the Bitcoin prizes.

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