VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers makes hilarious catch of penalty flag in Panthers vs. Packers game

    November 11, 2019 | Football Sports Aaron Rodgers

    Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers never runs out of things to leave football fans with reasons to pick their jaws off the ground, and he added more to his collection of highlights on Sunday, albeit with one that didn’t involve an actual football play. 

    In the first half of the Packers’ home game against the visiting Carolina Panthers, the Packers needed a third-down conversion from their own end zone. Rodgers was sacked, but the referees bailed them out with a penalty call on the Panthers’ defense. But this isn’t about how the Packers got lucky. Rather, this is about how Rodgers made one of the craziest catches of the year. We’re just going to stop here for a minute and let you watch how the bad man Aaron Rodgers did it.

    Rodgers caught the flag like it was nothing, as though he anticipated exactly where and when the referee would throw it.

    Looks like Danica Patrick just fell in love a little more with his man.

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