Top 10 Craziest Antonio Brown Moments

    September 20, 2019 | Football Sports Antonio Brown Crazy Moments

    Antonio Brown is a polarizing figure. His antics off the field are only balanced by his consistent game performance. Brown played nine seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers. During that time, he cemented himself as a star wide receiver. Now, after a quick non-playing jaunt with the Oakland Raiders, he’s plying his trade with the New England Patriots.

    Nitrogen Sports Blog has gathered some of the most notable Antonio Brown moments and put them together below.

    Top ten craziest Antonio Brown moments


    The Furniture toss

    In April of 2018, a man and his grandchild were nearly struck by falling furniture. Vases, an ottoman and more dropped from a 14th story balcony. When police arrived, they discovered a belligerent Antonio Brown. He had tossed the furniture from his condo – and now faces two civil suits. One from the grandfather, and another from his former landlord.

    The first one-handed helmet catch

    The 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers made it all the way to Super Bowl XLV. Before reaching that stage, the Steelers had to go through the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round, where they benefited from Antonio Brown’s otherworldly athleticism.

    On a third-and-19 play late and with the score tied with just over two minutes remaining in regulation, Brown caught a long heave from Ben Roethlisberger for a huge gain that gave Pittsburgh all the momentum it needs to win the contest. While this isn’t considered as among Antonio Brown crazy moments, the play itself was insane nonetheless.


    Allegedly failing to pay Stefano Tedeschi

    2018 also saw Brown earn a spot in the Pro Bowl. Brown then rented an Orlando, Florida mansion as a place to stay. He also chose to hire celebrity chef Stefano Tedeschi. When the Pro Bowl ended, Brown decided not to pay Tedeschi – to the tune of $40,000.

    The second one-handed helmet catch

    Antonio Brown can catch a football with one hand tied behind his back. In a November game against the Titans, back in 2017, he nearly did just that. While fending off a Tennessee Titans defender, he caught the ball with one hand and pinned it to his helmet. Not only did he catch it – he maintained control for a touchdown.

    This was just one of the countless Antonio Brown highlights in his memorable — and colorful — career in Pittsburgh.


    Frostbitten feet

    Rumors leaked after Brown made an Instagram post showing severe damage to his feet during the 2019 offseason with the Oakland Raiders. Some believed it was blisters, while others attributed it to a type of fungus. Brown later cleared up the confusion. He had not worn the correct shoes during cryotherapy. The ‘blisters’ were from frostbite.

    Malcom Butler’s helmet assist

    Many of Brown’s moments revolve around helmets. In a matchup against the New England Patriots in 2015, he used a defender’s helmet to his own advantage. Brown used the Malcom Butler’s helmet to his advantage, snagging the ball despite an intense manhandling. Yeah, with so many helmet highlights in his career, let’s just chuck this one into the list of Antonio Brown crazy moments.

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    The helmet debacle

    Despite Brown’s volatile behaviors, he maintains some consistencies. For his entire career, Brown wore a Schutt AiR Advantage helmet. When the helmet style became too old, the NFL prohibited its use in games. Brown spent the past year battling the NFL for the right to wear his helmet. In the end, he was forced to switch helmets.

    The immaculate extension

    Up against Baltimore in 2016, the Steelers were down by three points. With only a few seconds remaining, Brown caught the ball. Facing three defenders, he forced his way up and stretched. Against all odds, that stretch brought the ball past the end zone plane for a touchdown. The Ravens certainly had found themselves on the wrong end of Antonio Brown highlights numerous times during the wideout’s stint in the AFC North.


    Arriving via hot air balloon

    Brown is well-known for his training camp arrivals. His usual antics involve antique or rare cars. For the introduction to his brief Raiders career, Brown went airborne. He arrived in a hot air balloon, topping his previous entrances – literally.


    Requested release via Instagram

    No list of Antonio Brown crazy moments is complete without this. Antonio Brown’s time with the Raiders was strange, controversial, and short. And it ended right after Brown requested Oakland to release him via a post on social media. It’s the most 2019 thing way to ask a way out of a team, and Brown successfully got what he wanted, as the Raiders immediately dealt him to the New England Patriots.

    Antonio Brown is going into the Canton one day. For now, he’ll just keep adding to the Antonio Brown highlights montage. For more football updates, keep checking out Nitrogen Sports Blog.

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