Tips For The College Football Bettor

College Football

We’re now a few weeks into NCAA Football season, and it looks to be another exciting and enjoyable year! With that in mind, here are a few tips that might help to make the season more enjoyable for all you college football bettors out there.

Avoid betting on teams playing on short rest

College football teams (especially those with nation-wide appeal) will sometimes play Thursday night games as the season progresses. Although they are not necessarily poor picks, I try to avoid these games, since the teams will be coming off a briefer time of rest and preparation than they are accustomed to. Everyone, especially athletes need and enjoy a solid, consistent routine. Playing a weeknight game is a deviation, and it can be a dangerous one. Football is an extremely taxing physical game, and teams only play once a week for a reason. The time recuperate has to be valued and can make an important difference.

Look Deeper

Top 25 polls are a nice quick tool for finding your favorites for a week, but don’t make the mistake of relying on them too heavily. Conference records and strength of schedule are also important tools when deciding how to place a bet on a college football game. Some teams may boast impressive records, but rely on blow out wins against lesser opponents to inflate their numbers while others may have less gaudy stats yet post records that demonstrate their ability to play against the toughest of competition and come out on top.

Variety is the spice of life

Try sports betting on a few of the lesser-known teams. Granted, you still need to do your homework (perhaps even more than usual), but a shrewd pick can sometimes earn you a better line and more bang for your buck. Sure, everyone knows about Alabama, Michigan and USC, but the heavy favorites present little value and can still be upset.

Home Dogs

Home underdogs are usually a good risk to take if you’re in the mood for somebody other than a favourite. Home field advantage is often overrated in some sports, but college football is a different case. Raucous crowds and rabid sections of student supporters make for an intimidating environment for opposing teams and a galvanizing one for home sides, especially those with something to prove.

Well there you have it. Four far from infallible, yet useful tips to help you on your way to a successful* NCAA Football season.

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