NFL Survivor Pool Stories After Week 8

2019 NFL Survivor Pool Stories after Week 8

Carolina Panthers defensive end Gerald McCoy was all hyped up before kickoff of their game against the San Francisco 49ers, barking at the heavens saying that he and his teammates “want all the smoke.” Well, the only smoke they had was from their performance that resembled a disaster movie set.

NFL Survivor Nitrogen Pool players who picked the Panthers to upset San Francisco saw the end of their run, with Carolina losing, 51-13. But there were plenty of survivors, who opted to get the smoke somewhere else by making sure to pick the opponents of teams which were headed straight to a cliff, namely the Cincinnati Bengals, the Washington Redskins, and of course, the Miami Dolphins.

For how long can these NFL Survivor Pool players going to have success in picking on these teams’ opponents? The NFL is full of traps, and the Dolphins nearly had us believe that they were going to get their first win of the season last Monday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If Sam Darnold can see ghosts on the field, then, again, anything can happen in the NFL.

Name of PoolGTD Prize*EntriesSurvivors**
Free Pool$1,8444,379 338
Prospect Pool$1,7571,906188
Draftee Pool$9,2451,003169
Rookie Pool$12,030522106
Captain Pool$17,63038374
All Pro Pool$29,38031970
MVP Pool$30,91011227
Hall of Famer Pool$228,80024929
Nitrogen Pool$119,500133
*BTC-USD exchange rate at the time of publishing.
**Entries left after Week 7.


Different week, same results

Week 8 was not much of a bloodbath. In fact, the Captain, All Pro, MVP, Hall of Famer, and NITROGEN pools have combined for a grand total of… ZERO casualties. As for the other pools, there were only 17 players eliminated.

Players continue to flock to dumpsters on fire

As mentioned earlier, players had a field day picking against the Bengals, Redskins, and the Dolphins in Week 8. Those teams have a combined record of 1-21. Week 9 should be an interesting week for players following this strategy, as the Dolphins will be up against the one-win New York Jets and the Redskins paying the Buffalo Bills a visit, while the Bengals are on bye.

Some games to look forward to in Week 9


Minnesota Vikings at Kansas City Chiefs

Kirk Cousins have learned to pass the ball again, which has played a huge role in the Vikings’ resurgence. Minnesota has won all of their past four games. The team is eyeing to extend its unbeaten run to five games when the Vikings meet the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ status is trending towards another missed game, but there’s also a chance he gets back on the field as soon as Week 9. In any case, veteran journeyman Matt Moore will be on standby.

New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens

The Patriots will put their immaculate record on the line against one of the hottest teams in the league right now in the form of the Ravens. The Ravens are coming off a bye in Week 8 and are on a three-game winning streak.

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For all those who have survived, make sure you lock in your picks this week! Good luck!

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