NFL Survivor Pool Stories After Week 16

Broncos Lock Survival Stories 16

And just like that, we are on the last week of the 2019 NFL regular season. Time does fly by faster than Lamar Jackson in the open field. Speaking of Jackson, his Baltimore Ravens have their seats reserved in the playoffs, a predicament other teams are envious of. Take for example the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders, who each need a win and favorable results in other matchups on Sunday to sneak into the playoffs. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the stories from Week 16.

Name of PoolGTD Prize*EntriesSurvivors*
Free Pool$1,4364,3791 winner
Prospect Pool$1,3691,9062
Draftee Pool$7,2041,0031 winner
Rookie Pool$9,3735223
Captain Pool$13,7503831 winner
All Pro Pool$22,9103192 winners
MVP Pool$24,1301121 winner
Hall of Famer Pool$178,8002491 winner
NITROGEN$93,360132 winners
*BTC-USD exchange rate at the time of publishing.
**# of Winners or Entries left after Week 16.


The Broncos set one free

The Free Pool gathered the most NFL Survivor Pool entries, but it wasn’t the last to close, as it has finally determined a winner in Week 16, thanks to a win by the Denver Broncos and a shock loss by the Seattle Seahawks to the Arizona Cardinals. User 5090223 rode with Drew Lock and the Broncos against the free-falling Detroit Lions, perhaps thinking that Denver’s rookie quarterback is better than the Lions’ first-year signal-caller.

Down the wire

Unlike the Free Pool, the Prospect and Draftee Pools are still ongoing. Both pools had two survivors following the action in Week 15 and that remains to the case after all that transpired in Week 16. With only a week left to decide whether there will be multiple winners in these pools, it’s going to be interesting to see how each survivor will choose which team to pin their BTC hopes on.

Some games to look forward to in Week 17


Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

The Redskins must have their bags ready for vacation even before Week 17, but this game is all about the Cowboys, who need to win this match in order to keep their hopes of making the playoffs alive. A Dallas win plus a loss by the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday would give the Cowboys a pass to the postseason.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

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The 49ers and the Seahawks have spent the most part of the regular season jockeying for the no. 1 position in the NFC West. It comes down to one game in Week 17 between the two teams to decide once and for all who will take the division crown.

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For all those who have survived, make sure you lock in your picks this week! Good luck!

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