NFL Survivor Pool Stories After Week 14

Drew Lock Survivor Stories Week 15

It’s hard to accept that the 2019 NFL regular season is about to end. But for the few survivors of all active Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pools, they must have wished the NFL season only lasts 14 weeks long. (Or 13 weeks long if you ask those who got the Houston Texans in Week 14.) Let’s roll ahead and check out some of notable things that occured in the pools last week.

Name of PoolGTD Prize*EntriesSurvivors*
Free Pool$1,4684,3794
Prospect Pool$1,4001,9063
Draftee Pool$7,3621,0031 winner
Rookie Pool$9,5805226
Captain Pool$14,0603833
All Pro Pool$23,4103192
MVP Pool$24,6601121 winner
Hall of Famer Pool$182,8002491 winner
NITROGEN$95,420132 winners
*BTC-USD exchange rate at the time of publishing.
**# of Winners or Entries left after Week 14.


Draft king

The Draftee Pool is the latest paid Nitrogen Survivor Pool to determine a winner after 14 weeks of gruelling action in the NFL. There were two users left standing heading into Week 14 from a pool of eight users following a brutal Week 13. The duel didn’t last long, as User 383480 got hit with a losing pick on the Houston Texans.

Houston was among the most popular picks in Week 14, as they were only up against the Denver Broncos who came to Texas as eight-point road underdogs. Meanwhile, User 1437064 managed to dodge a bullet in Week 14, opting to side with the Green Bay Packers against the Washington Redskins.

The Packers won the game, 20-15, but didn’t beat Washington as convincingly as most expected, but an ugly win is still a win and User 1437064 will definitely take it any way he/she can.

Broncos’ shock of Houston also felt in the Free Pool

Houston was on a high after becoming just the second team to beat the New England Patriots this season, but the Texans’ momentum went kaput last Sunday when they were stunned by the Broncos at home. The Free Pool lost six of the 10 survivors in Week 14, all of whom predicted that the Texans will get a win over Denver.

If there were a point this season that bettors/pickers felt the highest on the Texans, it’s probably in the stretch between the team’s win over the Patriots and the matchup against Denver, considering the challenging test Deshaun Watson and company just passed and the lightness of the opponent they were facing next. Football never ceases to amaze — and shock.

Trusting the ‘North’

The Captain Pool didn’t lose any survivor this week, thanks to all three users trusting NFC North teams Minnesota Vikings (against division rival, Detroit Lions) and Green Bay Packers (vs. Washington Redskins).

Some games to look forward to in Week 15


Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys

The Rams are highly unlikely to win the NFC West title they won last season, but they have their sights on getting into the playoffs via the wildcard route. A loss in Week 15 by either the Seattle Seahawks or the Minnesota Vikings plus a win by the Rams against the Cowboys will further tighten the race for the wildcard berths in the NFC.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys are playing for their microscopic lead atop the NFC East by virtue of their better head-to-head record against the Philadelphia Eagles, who share an identical 6-7 record with the Cowboys.

Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Bills wasted an opportunity to tie the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens for the best record in the AFC after losing to the Lamar Jackson and company in Week 14. Now, the Bills need to defeat Pittsburgh to avoid complicating their status as a contender for a wildcard berth in the conference. If the Steelers take care of business at home on Sunday, their chances of getting into the playoffs as a wildcard will do up.

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For all those who have survived, make sure you lock in your picks this week! Good luck!

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