NFL Survivor Pool Stories After Week 11

2019 NFL Survivor Pool Stories Week 11

For the first time in three weeks, there are no winners emerging from any of the NFL Survivor Pools. Barely anyone blinked in Week 11. In fact, a total of just three entries were eliminated in Week 11. Is this some sort of omen, a calm before a stormy and wild Week 12? We’ll just have to wait and see. With only five weeks remaining in the 2019 NFL Season, the action in the Survivor Pools is only about to get even more intense.

Name of PoolGTD Prize*EntriesSurvivors*
Free Pool$1,6244,37923
Prospect Pool$1,5481,90614
Draftee Pool$8,1441,00311
Rookie Pool$10,60052210
Captain Pool$15,5603838
All Pro Pool$25,9303197
MVP Pool$27,2901121 winner
Hall of Famer Pool$202,3002493
Nitrogen Pool$105,700132 winners
*BTC-USD exchange rate at the time of publishing.
**# of Winners or Entries left after Week 10.


The Hall of Fame Pool’s Mexican Standoff

The three that survived past Week 10 are still alive following all that transpired in Week 11. No one among users 52352, 5088378, and 2316833 blinked, but they sure had sweaty palms.

User 52352 selected the Minnesota Vikings and probably thought he’s Hall of Fame bid was over when Kirk Cousins and crew ended the first half trailing by 20 points against the Denver Broncos. The Vikings were circling down the drain until they weren’t, as Cousins tossed three touchdowns in the second half and the Vikings’ defense put the clamps on the Broncos to somehow find a way to win the game, 27-23.

User 5088378 had the Oakland Raiders, who were up against the winless Cincinnati Bengals. The Raiders had a tougher time breaking away from Cincinnati that what was expected. The Bengals even had the gall to take a 7-0 lead at the end of the first quarter and kept in step with the Raiders until the end, losing by just a touchdown and an extra point, 17-10.

Lastly, User 2316833’s trust in the San Francisco 49ers paid off, though, his/her chest must be pounding in the fourth quarter of the Niners’ game against the Arizona Cardinals, particularly when Kyler Murray rushed for a touchdown that got the Cards the lead with under seven minutes remaining. Fortunately, Jimmy Garoppolo delivered in the clutch along with the Niners’ defense that even scored an insurance TD.

Draftee Pool shrinks by one one user

Outside of the Free Pool, only the Draftee Pool had lost an entry following Week 11. That’s User 5074238, who stepped on a landmine in the form of Carolina Panthers. Kyle Allen was a total mess against the resurgent Atlanta Falcons, as he got picked off four times while also absorbing five sacks. As it stands, the Draftee Pool now has only 11 remaining entries vying for the guaranteed prize.

Some games to look forward to in Week 12


Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

The Colts and the Texans are still tied for the best record in the AFC South, but barring a draw this Thursday, we’re going to see one team separate from the other for the lead in the division. That makes this Colts-Texans Thursday Night Football showdown a crucial one that could very well decide which team will earn a ticket to the playoffs via a division title.

Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots

The Patriots did Dallas a favor last week by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. But don’t expect the Cowboys to come down in Foxboro and give Tom Brady and the Pats a fruit basket. In a battle of two glamor teams, which between the Cowboys and the Patriots will get the W?

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For all those who have survived, make sure you lock in your picks this week! Good luck!

*All NFL Survivor Pools winning entries are verified first before awarding of the Bitcoin prizes.

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