2017 NFL Survivor Pool: The BIGGEST Survivor Pool Yet! [COMPLETE]

    August 2, 2017 | Football NFL Survivor Pool 2017

    After a crazy year of football capped by an insane Super Bowl final which saw the Patriots come back in the 4th Quarter to demolish the Falcons, We would be crazy not to offer up another year of Survivor Pool to our loyal players.

    With bitcoin prices where they are compared to last year, we’ve upped the ante in a big way and have seeded our pools with MASSIVE Guaranteed BTC prizes.

    If you haven’t entered before, here’s the deal: enter into your choice of 8 pools.

    The first pool is completely FREE. Enter as much as you want for your shot at the 0.5 BTC prize.

    The other pools have buy-ins – from the Draftee Pool at 1 bitcoin all the way up to the Nitrogen Sports Pool at 4.5 BTC!
    NFL Bitcoin Sports Betting
    You might have also noticed that we’ve switched up the names for our pools. Check out our new pool names and buy-ins:

    Free Pool – FREE
    Draftee – 0.002 BTC
    Rookie – 0.015 BTC
    Captain – 0.03 BTC
    All-Pro – 0.15 BTC
    MVP – 0.4 BTC
    Hall of Famer – 1.3 BTC
    NITROGEN Pool – 3 BTC

    Each week, make your pick for a team who will win. If you’re picking a team that plays on Thursday or Saturday, you’ll have to submit the pick before the games begin. The final deadline to pick each week is Sunday at 17:00 UTC (1pm EST). First week picks close Sunday, September 10 @ 17:00 UTC. Each week following, continue to pick another winning team from the teams left available – you’ll only be able to choose each team once. Be the last picker standing, and win the pool!

    Full rules and details are on the Survivor Pool page.

    P.S. – Sssh … don’t tell anyone, but we’ve stocked up a bunch of secret pools all over the internet. Thousands of dollars in free buy-in prizes is up for grabs if you know where to look.

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