How to join and play Nitro Super Bowl LIV Squares

Super Bowl LIV Squares

On February 2, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform at the Hard Rock Stadium down in Florida. And oh, by the way, there’s also a football game going on that day, with the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers set to duke it out in Super Bowl LIV. Whether you’re more excited for the halftime show or the game itself, Nitrogen Sports is here to add to your entertainment on Super Bowl Sunday with the grandest square of the year to date: the Super Bowl LIV Nitro Squares—and more!

SquarePrize PoolBetslip Buy-in
Super Bowl LIV Squares I0.20.01
Super Bowl LIV Squares II0.10.005
Super Bowl LIV Squares III0.050.003
Super Bowl LIV 1st Quarter0.050.001
Super Bowl LIV 1st Half0.050.001
Super Bowl LIV Freeroll0.015FREE

Choosing a Super Bowl 54 square
A total of 100 squares are ready to be picked by qualified participants. Each square carries a unique two-digit combination, which represents the possible last numbers of the total points put up by the Chiefs and the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV.
How to know if your square won?
Super Bowl 54 squares — or any other square — are popular largely because of how simple it is to play. To know the winning square, all there is needed to do is to check the final digit of the winning team’s score and the final digit of the losing team’s score. If the final score in Super Bowl LIV is 33-27, then the winning square would be the one that bears the 3-7 combo. Keep in mind that the final digit of the winning team’s score comes first before the final digit of the losing team’s score.
How to know the winning squares for the first quarter and first half Nitro Squares contests?
And because Super Bowl LIV is a huge event, we have prepared additional Nitro Squares contests focused on the results of the game’s first quarter and first half. The idea remains the same as the main square, which deals with the final score of the game itself, except that in the first-quarter and first half squares, the winning square will be determined by the final two digits of the Chiefs and the 49ers at the end of the first period and the first half. Whichever team leads at the end of the first quarter and first half, will have its score’s final digit first in the order followed by the final digit of the trailing team’s score to determine the winning square for each of these contests.
Until when can I pick a square for Super Bowl LIV?
The Super Bowl LIV squares are accepting entries until the kickoff (February 2, 2020, 6:30 PM EST) of the game itself.
When are prizes awarded?
Prizes for the winner/s will be awarded within 48 hours following verification of all entries and winning entries.


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Ready to pick your square now? Head over to Nitro Squares main page and start making your Super Bowl 54 squares picks. Read the full Nitro Squares rules and guidelines if you have more questions. While you’re at it, check out the freshest Super Bowl LIV odds and lines.

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