The 5 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History

Best QBs Tom Brady

This argument will surely carry on for all eternity. The best quarterback of all time is a hotly debated topic. There have been tons of talented individuals to take snaps in the NFL, but these five signal-callers listed below by Nitrogen Sports Blog as should be widely considered as the best NFL quarterbacks of all time.

Top 5 best NFL quarterbacks of all time


Tom Brady

This guy just doesn’t stop. Predicting the demise of Brady and the Patriots has now become an annual ritual. Pundits constantly want to write off the former Michigan Wolverine, who will turn 42 before the 2019 NFL season. Brady, however, constantly silences his critics by winning on the field.

Brady’s list of accomplishments is uncanny. He is a 13-time Pro Bowler, a three-time NFL MVP, a five-time Super Bowl champion, and four-time Super Bowl MVP. He also has won more games than anyone in history.

It’s hard to argue against Brady being the best of all time. And that argument keeps getting harder because he keeps winning more games and throwing more touchdown passes.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning was born to play quarterback. He was the ultimate on field general. He called plays from the line and made adjustments on the fly. He won two Super Bowls, one each with the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, over his 17-year career.

The five-time NFL MVP holds a bunch of single-season records and his 539 career touchdown passes ranks number one all time. The only thing that can rival Manning’s greatness in the huddle is his prolific TV commercial resume. A discussion about the best NFL quarterbacks of all time will not be complete without Manning.

Joe Montana

Before Brady, Montana was the man who could not be beat. Montana took the San Francisco 49ers to the top of the world. The 49ers won four Super Bowls with Montana under center, and Joe cool was MVP in three of them. The pair of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice were unstoppable.

To this day, Montana and Rice are considered, at least arguably, the best duo in NFL history.


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Dan Marino

When he retired, all the records belonged to Dan Marino. He outperformed the QBs of his time and it wasn’t really close. With more than 61,000 yards and 420 touchdowns, modern QB’s envy Marino’s totals.

Although he was never able to capture a Super Bowl title, his arm was called immaculate as he set the gold standard for what a QB should be. Despite not having experienced what it’s like to join a Super Bowl parade, Marino is definitely one of the best NFL quarterbacks of all time.

John Elway

When the Broncos drafted John Elway, they knew he was going to be great. Elway had abundance of skills and unrivaled athleticism at the time. His strong legs and running ability separated him from the other QBs of his era.

But his arm was what made him one of the greats of the game. His arm was unmatched, thanks to his outstanding blend of accuracy and velocity. Elway went out with style, and on top of the football world after taking consecutive Super Bowl titles to end his career in 1997 and 98

From time to time, there are quarterbacks that come across and change the game. There have been hundreds of signal-callers that has stepped foot on an NFL field, but only a relatively few of them leave it as among the best NFL quarterbacks of all time.

Who in the current generation of quarterbacks will follow these greats to Canton? That’s up for debate. For now, you can check out more NFL pieces here at Nitrogen Sports Blog, including our informative sports betting guide for both new and veteran bettors.

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