4 reasons to play Nitrogen’s $4300* Super Bowl squares

Play Nitro Super Bowl Squares

Super Bowl LIV is coming up. You are excited and so are we. But let us tell you another thing: You can have more fun on Sunday, and that’s by joining Super Bowl squares. With that said, here are the top reasons why you should try it.

Best reasons to join Super Bowl squares


It’s not Hardman

Super Bowl squares are not designed to be a part of an MIT admission test. All you have to do is pick a square with a unique two-digit combo and hope that it would correspond to the last two digits of the winning team’s and losing team’s final scores in the Super Bowl. That’s practically all you need to know about it, but as for the nitty gritty part of the Nitrogen Super Bowl 54 squares, you can check out this piece for more details.

Goodwin prize hunting

If you’re going to join something as easy as the Super Bowl squares, you might as well pick those where you can win actual prizes. Like, you know, Nitrogen Sports Super Bowl LIV squares. We have six Super Bowl squares up and running heading into the big game, each with at least 0.015 BTC* worth of prizes. The total prize pool is at 0.465 BTC in free bets or over $4,378!


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A Kittle knowledge is all you need

In a sense, Super Bowl squares are a great equalizer among football fans. Like we mentioned earlier, this is a simple game, which anyone with any level of football knowledge can enjoy. Sure, knowing how many points a touchdown is worth and the over/under betting line for the Super Bowl help, but at the end of the day, no one has a concrete idea how the final score would exactly look like.
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Blowouts don’t matter

Having a pick on a Super Bowl squares contest will keep your eyes glued to the game even if the game has turned into a blowout with, say, a quarter left to play, because all that matters to you is the final score. Playing Super Bowl squares will leave you hoping for any of these things to happen, regardless of the current score: a touchdown, a field goal, a safety, etc. You want everything happening on the field to directly favor your pick, and that’s a big reason why Super Bowl squares can be so fun to play.

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