2020 NFL Survivor Pool Stories After Week 11

2020 NFL Survivor Pool Stories Week 11

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us in the NFL, but not all of our remaining competitors at our Nitro NFL Survivor Pool contests will be thankful for what could be their survivor demise in the aftermath of this upcoming week. In the meantime, though, let’s quickly recap what transpired in Week 11 on the survivor front.

As per usual, we remind everyone that rescheduled games can possibly occur in the NFL, especially with a good number of players and personnel still testing positive for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. Changes to the schedule could mean life or death for several remaining survivors. Thus, we highly encourage all survivors to know what will happen to our survivor pools in the event of future cancelled or postponed games by reading up on the subject..

With the introductions out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the data for our Survivor Pools after 11 weeks of football, as well as our takeaways from all the action this past week:

Name of Pool
GTD Prize*
Free Pool
Prospect Pool
Draftee Pool
Rookie Pool
Captain Pool
All Pro Pool
MVP Pool
Hall of Famer Pool
*BTC-USD exchange rate at the time of writing.
**# of Winners or Entries left after Week 11.


No Mercy from the Survivor Gods

After a couple of relatively quiet weeks of survivor eliminations, Week 11 unleashed its unpredictable wrath upon our better judgments, as all of our survivor pools (apart from our high-rolling NITROGEN Pool with only three survivors left) has seen no less than a third of its remaining population disappear.

The Chargers and the Vikings were the two most heavily-picked teams this past week, and it was the latter who failed to live up to their end of the deal after losing to the lowly Cowboys and ending the survivor runs of many players. Even the Bolts weren’t safe from harm, as they barely eked out a six-point win at home over the winless Jets.

The Literal Home Stretch

Similar to last week, Week 11 had a good majority of home teams come out on top of their respective matchups. Only five road teams emerged victorious this week, and four of them were already favored to win at the onset.

Will this trend of successful home turf defenses continue in Week 12? A lot of bad teams will host games this week such as the Jets, Bengals, and Cowboys (more on Dallas below), but most of the league’s best teams like the Chiefs, Saints, and Titans are also back on the road to try and buck the recent winning trend of home teams as we draw closer to the conclusion of the regular season.


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Some games to look forward to in Week 12


Washington Football Team vs. Dallas Cowboys

In spite of the expected mediocrity that will be on display on Thanksgiving afternoon, the age-old rivalry between Washington and Dallas does bring a ton of intrigue on the table for both survivor pools and the real-life playoff race.

Either team has a 50/50 shot at becoming the division leader by week’s end, which means both sides will be bringing their best game on the Turkey Day table. In turn, survivors can take this chance to side with either of these middling NFC East franchises if one is in dire need of a survivor lock without having to use up one of the better playoff-bound teams saved for the final weeks of the survivor campaign.

Our complete odds and previews for the entire Thanksgiving Day slate are also available. Head over to this link for a closer look at all three games that are all worth placing stakes on to make your Thanksgiving celebration all the more bountiful.

Cleveland Browns vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Browns are actually for real this season, as they’re projected not just to finish a season with a winning record for the first time since 2007, but to also snap their 18-year playoff drought. It goes without saying then that Cleveland is a relatively safe pick in matchups where they’re a clear-cut favorite such as in Week 12.

Only one team has been worse than the winless Jets this season, and that happens to be Jacksonville; the Browns’ opponent this week. Cleveland is 6-0 against teams with losing records this season, and the Jaguars have not won a game since Week 1. That being said, this matchup is perfect for survivors who have yet to take a chance on the boys from the Dawg Pound.

Don’t forget to check out more NFL Game Previews here at Nitrogen Sports Blog.

For all those who have survived, make sure you lock in your picks this week! Good luck!

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