F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2019 Betting Odds and Preview

    October 10, 2019 | Sports 2019 Japanese Grand Prix

    For many years the Japanese Grand Prix was the place where Formula 1 champions were decided. Regularly set up as one of the last big races of the season, title challenges were made or broken on the Japanese circuit.

    In 2019, the iconic race could all but confirm Lewis Hamilton as F1 champion. But with Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel anxious to prove themselves after past mistakes, we look set to witness a fascinating race. Here are the favorites and sleepers in the upcoming F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2019 whom have to keep your eyes on, as presented by Nitrogen Sports Blog.

    F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2019 favorites


    Lewis Hamilton (+163)

    Hamilton, according to the F1 Japanese Grand Prix odds this 2019, is the favorite to win this coming weekend’s race. He leads in the standings with some going so far as to all but crown the British driver as 2019 F1 champion.

    In spite of this, Hamilton believes that Mercedes are not favorites to win in Japan, or in any of the remaining races. He singled out Ferrari as the team to beat due to their excellent straight-line speed.

    Still, we reckon Hamilton is the favorite to win at Suzuka. This is due in no small part to Mercedes’ excellent run of victories in Japan, which started back in 2014. Hamilton is also the winner of the previous races, at Sochi, and the leader of the F1 circuit by a considerable margin. For these reasons, he is the man to beat.

    Sebastian Vettel (+355)

    It’s not been an incredible season for Vettel. He sits only fifth in the standings after all, but some of that looks to have been due to poor luck as much as anything else. He managed a P3 in Sochi, was unable to stop Hamilton from winning, and allowed the Brit to gain a 50-point advantage in the standings. He’ll look to get it going in the F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2019.

    Regardless, Ferrari have won seven times. Vettel has done it twice, while leading the Red Bull team, and twice since. As for the high-speed circuit, this also looks to favor the Prancing Horse. Hamilton may possess a slight edge, but Vettel certainly deserves to be taken into consideration.

    Charles Leclerc (+178)

    Like his Ferrari colleague, Leclerc benefits from a good car and the team’s track record. Unlike Vettel, though, the Monegasque driver has not won the Japanese Grand Prix before. Nevertheless’ Leclerc’s F1 Japanese Grand Prix odds this 2019 suggest that he’s going to be among the drivers to watch.

    Leclerc’s aura is still that of the wonderkid, having impressed at Sauber, and still looking to adapt in his first season for Ferrari. There have been glimpses of exciting talent this season (in Belgium and Italy especially) and Leclerc remains one of the favorites at the Suzuka circuit.

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    F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2019 sleepers


    Valtteri Bottas (+675)

    The Finnish driver may sit second in the standings heading into the, but it is unlikely he will challenge his teammate, Lewis Hamilton, at this juncture of the season. Bottas is bringing his contribution to what looks set to be a winning season for the Mercedes team.

    We won’t rule him out of the No. 1 spot in Japan completely though. Bottas is an experienced driver, capable of winning races (as he showed in Melbourne and Baku this season) and, if the chance comes calling at Suzuka, Bottas will take his opportunity. At +675 F1 Japanese Grand Prix odds 2019, Bottas could net his bettors a nice sum.

    Max Verstappen (+850)

    If we are being entirely honest, Verstappen’s situation in the F1 circuit is similar to that of Leclerc’s, however, with a less powerful team and car engine behind him. The Dutch driver does look to possess all the skills required to become a superstar of the sport.

    At 22 years of age, he has already gone through six seasons in the F1, has won 2 races this season and took the podium 6 times. He’s not the favorite to win the Japanese Grand Prix, but if he does not many eyebrows will be raised.

    The F1 Japanese Grand Prix odds 2019 is now available. Have you placed your bets in? You can also check out our sports betting guide for additional tips before making your selections.

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