The Winners and Losers of Dota 2 Patch 7.22

Dota 2 Alchemist Patch 7.22

After weeks of leaks and anticipation, Dota 2’s latest patch, 7.22, has arrived. With it comes a large variety of changes that could very well shake up current metas.

As always, whenever this happens, various buffs and nerfs mean that there are some clear winners (and losers) of Patch 7.22. Nitrogen Sports Blog shares some of the standouts from both groups in Dota’s latest game update.



Late game heroes

Killing Roshan now grants a consumable Scepter buff item, which is among the changes brought by Dota 2 Patch 7.22. From then on, Roshan kills will randomly drop a Scepter buff or a Refresher Shard.

Depending on the situation, this could drastically increase game duration, especially certain heroes who warrant these items in specific situations to be used effectively late in the game. This means we will be seeing teams grind out games to force three or four Roshans to get these items.

This has the knock-on effect of late game heroes such as Faceless Void getting a large buff this patch.

Chaos Knight

One of the most noticeable changes out of every single one in Dota 2 Patch 7.22 is Chaos Knight’s kit, which has been drastically altered. His damage from every ability has increased along with the stun time.

A high pick rate hero that is already strong, this patch only increases his power. His stun duration buff will prove effective in teamfights, while the level 3 power spike on his Chaos Bolt will be a nice addition to anyone laning with him.

Position 1 and position 2 roles

If in the right player’s hands, carry heroes can be the most devastating in all of Dota. And Dota 2 Patch 7.22 is no exception — with the increase in game durations, the power creep of certain heroes as they obtain items is becoming all the more noticeable.

Broodmother, Ursa and Gyrocopter especially have gained even more lethality in this patch. Aghanim’s Scepter being added only makes them stronger, with both the damage output and movement speed of these heroes all gaining a buff from it.

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Abaddon has been a hugely popular support pick in many tournaments recently, and for good reason. His healing cost next to no mana, allowing him to have a high damage output while also healing effectively.

However, with these changes in Dota 2 Patch 7.22, it seems Valve noticed this and have changed his role slightly to make him more of a damage hero. His cast range has been reduced, and some of his healing abilities have been changed with more focus given on his ability to deal enemy damage.

This change will likely mean teams will prioritize better damage dealers and better healers over Abaddon, who now excels in neither department.

Tower divers

The first change to tower damage in a long while. Patch 7.22 has increased the damage output of Towers to 175 at tier 3 and has increased the armor at all tiers. Recently, we’ve been seeing teams charge towers to take them down, taking the high ground.

With this change, the risk just isn’t worth the reward, as enemy heroes become stronger nearer their towers, meaning a teamfight is very unlikely to go in your favor. This is yet another change that will increase game times.


Alchemist received a huge nerf nearly two years ago that meant he was never really in the meta, but that has changed with Patch 7.22.

Alchemist now gains +30 bonus damage with Scepter equipped, incentivizing players to buy the item at any stage of the game they can afford it. Nerfs to other damage dealers mean that Alchemist has become once again a viable choice in the meta.

The Dota 2 Patch 7.22 brings plenty of new elements to the game. Speaking of winners and losers, make sure to read our Esports betting guide for a clearer understanding of the important things to consider when laying money on this ever-growing niche on the betting market.

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