Will We See Team Liquid Win ESL One Cologne 2019?

    July 1, 2019 | Esports Sports ESL One Cologne Team Liquid

    Winning their last three tournaments, Team Liquid are currently ranked as the number one team in the world. However, with a number of other teams vying for the top spot, a win at ESL One Cologne is not guaranteed. With these challenges and more, will Liquid be able to win ESL One Cologne this 2019?

    After a period of domination by Astralis, Team Liquid was finally able to claim the number one spot at Dreamhack Dallas back in May, and since then they’ve remained on top. However, their lead is far from safe as teams like ENCE and the Danes themselves are not far behind. Nitrogen Sports Blog takes a look at Team Liquid ahead of ESL One Cologne.

    Can the winning streak continue?

    Team Liquid will be rightly confident coming into Cologne, having won three tournaments in a row. The biggest criticism of Liquid currently is that they didn’t “earn” their success by beating the best teams, but rather Astralis didn’t attend tournaments.

    With Team Liquid set to appear at ESL Cologne 2019, every single player on the unit will be motivated to prove these doubters wrong.

    Liquid’s biggest strength is the fact that all of their players are superstars. ELiGE, NAF, Stewie2K and Twistzz provide explosive firepower, while Nitr0 provides great knowledge experience coupled with in-game skill.

    Some teams settle for 3 or 4 good players with a non-fragging IGL or space creator, but not Liquid. This makes them unpredictable, making it very hard to devise counter strategies against them.

    It won’t be easy for Liquid though. They have looked to struggle at times against North during this year’s ESL Pro League. The other top teams — ENCE and Astralis — are breathing down Liquid’s neck at the moment, with few proper opportunities to face them as of yet.

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    Team Liquid’s challenges moving forward

    Team Liquid’s main challenges at ESL Cologne 2019 will come when they are on the brink of winning or losing. They are known to fail at closing the game early, choking seemingly insurmountable leads.

    This will become more of an issue for them when they’re up against teams that can grind out rounds, such as their main rivals Astralis. Team Liquid are not the most structured team and so can struggle when they’re close to the finish line.

    If Liquid comes into this tournament with confidence and plays like they know they’re the best, then they will be able to clinch the title. But that’s easier said than done when teams such as Astralis, Na’Vi, and Vitality have had time to prepare, making ESL One Cologne perhaps the most uncertain tournament of the year.

    No team is invincible in the world of Esports, but Team Liquid is just about as good as any team out there today. Team Liquid is set to see action at ESL One Cologne 2019, looking to further prove that they are the best in the business.

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