Will ENCE Esports Emerge Victorious at Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019?

    May 27, 2019 | Esports Sports ENCE Esports will win DreamHack

    Dreamhack Masters Dallas comes at an interesting time. Astralis’ current form is the weakest it’s been for the past year, and several teams are looking to take the top spot from them.

    One such lineup is ENCE, who have the perfect conditions to set up a spectacular finish at Dreamhack Masters. Nitrogen Sports Blog presents three reasons why ENCE will dominate Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019.

    3 reasons why ENCE Esports will win at Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019


    The momentum effect

    Few could have predicted ENCE’s spectacular run at the IEM Katowice Major in March. What seemed like an underdog story soon became a pretty insane placement against teams they should have had no chance against.

    Since then, ENCE have proven themselves to be a legitimate contender for the No. 1 spot. ENCE has the talent to convince

    They narrowly lost to Natus Vincere in the semi-finals of Starseries, and at BLAST Madrid they won all of their group games and were even able to best Astralis in a best-of-3 series, something no team had been able to do for months, ending the latter’s ridiculous Nuke record of 31 wins in a row.

    Going into Dallas, ENCE have momentum on their side, which can be a very powerful thing in Counter-Strike. It’s not crazy to say that ENCE Esports will win at Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019.

    Youth and experience

    At the major, ENCE had one of the older players and the youngest player, in the form of Allu and Sergej respectively. At 17 years old, Sergej always delivers when he’s on the big stage and the lights are brighter, boasting 0.64 kills per round.

    On the flipside, Allu is 11 years his senior, and leads from the front. As the captain of the team, he has shown off his AWP skills time and time again, seemingly able to stay calm in any situation.

    The unique blend of hungry youth and intelligent, experienced players that ENCE can field will give them an upper hand over every team at Dallas.

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    Stone cold

    There’s something striking about ENCE. When you look at every other team, the second a crazy clutch is won or an important round is clinched, they jump off their chairs and wildly celebrate. But ENCE? Nothing.

    Allu performed a 1v4 in the Spodek Arena, keeping ENCE in the semifinal and the expressions of ENCE’s players did not change. They have their eyes locked in on the top prize, and anything lesser will not draw a show of elation from this team. They only allow themselves to celebrate when the match is won.

    That kind of approach and focus are qualities which back up the notion that ENCE Esports will win Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019. This makes them particularly adept at surviving difficult situations, and making seemingly impossible comebacks.

    These qualities make the Finns a formidable opponent to anyone they come across.

    The world of Esports is just as competitive as any sport you could think of. ENCE are a great ensemble, but challenges await them. Nevertheless, ENCE Esports will win Dreamhack Masters Dallas 2019 because, in a vacuum, their strengths outweigh their weaknesses.

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