Why the Bottom 4 DPC Teams Can Score Upsets at TI9

DPC Rankings Bottom Four Teams

With the last tournament of the 2018-19 Dota Pro Circuit over, we finally know the first 12 teams that will contend at The International 2019. While everyone’s eyes will be naturally drawn to the top of the table, the bottom part of it could just be as interesting.

Sometimes, underdogs can be dangerous and we could indeed be looking at another huge upset at this year’s TI.

Nitrogen Sports Blog breaks down each of the bottom four teams ahead of The International 2019 and discusses why they can’t be taken lightly.

Keen Gaming

Keen Gaming had a pretty chaotic time at the end of last year, with a number of players being replaced and standing in for the team. Their roster has since stabilized, and they’ve been able to compete at the DPC. They were able to make the playoffs of DreamLeague, and came second at WESG.

They were also the surprise winners of ESL One Mumbai. What’s clear with Keen Gaming is that they are most effective when up against their own region. Having dominated the Asian Masters League, coming into TI they’ll play at least five Asian teams. This may be enough to give thjs squad, which is one of the bottom 4 teams at The International 2019, some confidence, and if they’re lucky in their group stage matches, it could even be enough to send them to the playoffs.


Alliance are one of those teams that can dominate one day and look very mediocre the next. They have some incredible players in their lineup, but cohesion appears to be a problem for the team.

That being said, they did well at the Epicenter Major, with a very respectable 5-6th place finish against DPC second place Virtus Pro. While they struggle against the best of the best, Alliance are more consistent against teams outside of the Top 5.

At TI, they’ll face the type of teams they like to play against, such as Fnatic, NiP and OG. They excel in scrappy situations, where their teamwork is not really tested. If they work on grinding out games and forcing their opposition into uncomfortable positions, there is no limit to how far Alliance can go. Indeed, they are a team to watch.

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Bet Bitcoin on the International 2019


The underdog champions of TI8 once again find themselves as one of the bottom 4 teams at The International 2019. The first half of 2019 has been pretty chaotic for OG in terms of roster moves, but they’ve consistently been able to make the playoffs at the majors, and the position they’re in is impressive considering they were given a point deduction for swapping too many players.

With pretty much the same roster they had in their miracle run, OG will certainly make the top teams sweat. The biggest factor for them is the return of superstar Ana, who is consistently rated as the best carry in the world. Their win condition is relatively simple: keep him fed, play together and they will be able to go far at this year’s International.

TNC Predator

Many people are underestimating TNC Predator coming into TI9, and for a simple reason. The year 2019 has seen two major tournament wins for them (WESG and Asia Predator League), however neither of which were in the DPC.

They most recently came 4th at the Epicenter Major, where the only teams ahead of them were Team Liquid, Virtus Pro and Vici Gaming, all teams in the Top 5 of the DPC. After beating teams like NiP, LGD and OG, TNC are looking very dangerous.

With time to prepare and refine the weak parts of their game (draft mistakes come to mind), it would be fatal to underestimate them at The International. Their new coach Heen has been able to improve their teamfights, and they look dangerous.

Underdogs can strike from anywhere and during any given tournament. That’s why you have to keep an eye on the bottom 4 teams at the International 2019. Looking to bet on any of the teams discussed above? Make sure to check out Nitrogen Sports Blog’s esports betting guide.

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