Why We Think Team Secret Will Not Win ESL One Birmingham 2019

Team Secret

One of the most anticipated Dota tournaments of the year, ESL One Birmingham, is just around the corner. Team Secret, currently thought of as the best team in the world, is considered as a favorite to win it all. However, there aren’t a few who believe why Team Secret will not win the tournament.It’s worth keeping an eye on some other teams this year who could exploit the weaknesses of Team Secret.

A breakdown of why Team Secret will not win at ESL One Birmingham 2019

Nitrogen Sports Blog gives three reasons why Team Secret will not come out on top of the ESL One Birmingham 2019.

The Liquid Challenge

Juggernauts Team Liquid seems to have hit their stride after a bad stretch. At the recent Paris Major, Liquid made a run all the way to the finals, where they were beaten in a close matchup against Secret. The final showed that Liquid was still titans of the game and that they could draw blood from Team Secret. While it may not have been a win, Liquid dominated certain aspects of the game.

If Liquid comes out swinging yet again, then they could be a big thorn in the side of Team Secret. It goes without saying, but Team Secret will likely not win the 2019 ESL One Birmingham.

Upset possibilities

Team Secret’s introduction to this year’s Dota 2 season has placed them as the team to beat. They are definitely good now but they are not unbeatable. This was recently proven by ViCi gaming, who took them down at Dream League Season 11.

Clearly, the idea that Team Secret will not win at the 2019 ESL One Birmingham is not something outside the realm of possibility. For Secret, their mentality looked to be their downfall. In the first game, ViCi were not deterred by the name nor the occasion and they outplayed them in all teamfights.

Secret looked a shell of themselves, and their synergy looked off. Time has passed since then, and many teams will have analyzed this and will take advantage of Secret’s mentality towards supposed underdogs.

An introduction to Dota 2 means one will likely stumble across the legend of Team Secret, but the team’s recent form has also given the impression that the key to beating them isn’t as enigmatic as it used to be.

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Achilles’ heel

It’s been a hot point of contention since Ninjas in Pyjamas player, PPD, gave an interview stating that he “knew how to beat Secret.” In Secret’s games, they never really change anything. They use a relatively small pool of heroes, they play the same roles and use the same strategies.

This is a major reason as to why Secret are so good, they act as a well-oiled machine, efficient in every regard. But recently, it has proven to be their downfall. ViCi, Na’Vi, and Liquid have all been able to take advantage of this, banning heroes and pushing Secret out of their comfort zone.

With some of the most diversely talented teams in the game in attendance, this tournament could show that what it takes to beat Secret is confidence in your own abilities, and not letting them pull their usual tricks.

Team Secret is, without a doubt, a force to reckon with at any tournament they enter. But that doesn’t mean they are invincible. Team Secret will not win at the 2019 ESL One Birmingham if the items mentioned above all clicked, but that’s not to say they don’t have what it takes to buck the odds when their backs are pressed against the ropes.

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