What to Know About League of Legends Worlds 2019

    September 20, 2019 | Esports LOL Worlds 2019 Nitrogen Sports

    One of the world’s biggest Esports tournament is heading to Europe for the first time since 2015. The LoL World Championship draws the biggest crowds and the world’s best League of Legends teams to fight for the chance to hold the Summoner’s Trophy. With all set, here’s everything you need to know about LoL Worlds 2019, as broken down below by Nitrogen Sports Blog.

    What is League of Legends’ Worlds 2019?

    Worlds is the biggest Esport tournament on the planet. It acts as the finale at the end of the League of Legends esports season. Held every year since 2011, it pits the best LoL teams in the world against each other. To qualify for the main event, a team must finish first or win the playoff of each of the major leagues: Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, USA and Europe.

    This year, the tournament is heading to Europe, across four different venues in Germany, Spain and France. Play-in begins for LoL Worlds 2019 on October 2, while the grand final will be held on November 10.

    LoL Worlds 2019 qualified teams

    To qualify, a team has to win their league or their playoffs. Here are those teams:

    1. FunPlus Phoenix – LPL Summer winner
    2. Royal Never Give Up – LPL championship points
    3. Invictus Gaming – LPL regional finals
    4. SK Telecom T1 – LCK Summer champion
    5. Griffin – LCK championship points
    6. G2 Esports – LEC Summer champion
    7. Fnatic – LEC regional finals
    8. Team Liquid – LCS Summer champion
    9. Cloud9 – LCS championship points
    10. J Team – LMS Summer champion
    11. AHQ Esports Club – LMS championship points
    12. GAM Esports – VCS Summer champion

    These teams have all qualified for the main event. Four more will join them, from the Play-in stage, with twelve teams. By the end of September, all Play-in teams will be set.

    Worlds, as always, is split up into three stages: The play-in, the group stage and the knockout, or play-off stage.

    Play-in stage

    In this stage, twelve teams from smaller regions such as Turkey and Japan, and lower placed teams from the major regions are split up into four groups to battle it out in a round-robin format, where four teams will qualify from eight in the knockout stage, for a place at LoL Worlds 2019.

    Group stage

    The best sixteen teams in League of Legends are split up into four groups. Each team plays their group members twice in best-of-one matches. The top two placed teams advance to the knockout stage.

    Knockout stage

    The eight best LoL teams battle it out in a do-or-die best-of-five for the chance to progress further in the tournament, until only two teams remain, culminating in the grand final in Paris.

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    Teams to watch this year


    Invictus Gaming

    IG won Worlds 2018, however weren’t able to repeat the same levels of success in the LPL. After qualifying through the regional play-in, it’ll be interesting to see how they fare this time around at LoL Worlds 2019.

    SK Telecom T1

    Back in 2018, Faker tragically missed out on a home Worlds, as SK T1 had a poor season in the LCK. In 2019, they won the LCK and claimed the first seed to Worlds. Faker and his teammates will be very glad to be back, and should be the team to watch.

    G2 Esports

    G2 had a spectacular season in the LEC, and also gave Europe its first international tournament victory since 2011, when they beat Liquid at MSI. Could the LEC have its first world championship since Fnatic?

    Clutch Gaming

    Clutch had a difficult Spring split, and that luck seemed to follow when Team Dignitas bought and majorly changed the team behind the scenes. However, they were able to turn it around and qualified for the Play-in stage. Their victory against TSM looked unstoppable, and it could lead to a very interesting underdog story.

    LoL Worlds 2019 is set to take the Esports world by storm. Have you made your picks yet? Before you do, make sure to check out our Esports betting guide for more tips.

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