Top TI9 Chinese Teams To Watch

    August 8, 2019 | Esports Sports Chinese Teams in TI9

    For the first time ever, The International is being held in China, meaning that the Chinese teams competing will have the home advantage. The last time an all-Chinese team won TI was back in 2016.

    There are four Chinese teams at this year’s TI, each with their own unique style of play. Will we see China back on top yet again? Nitrogen Sports Blog looks through each of the TI9 Chinese teams and see how they stack.

    TI9 Chinese Teams that could make a huge impact


    ViCi Gaming (+400)

    Third place on the DPC coming into TI, ViCi are one of this year’s favorites. Apart from having the home crowd behind them, ViCi Gaming will be relying on a stacked lineup that has a perfect blend of experience and overall skill.

    Their driving force will no doubt be Paparazi, their carry superstar who led them to victory with unbelievable performances at DreamLeague, Epicenter and Starladder this year. Among the TI9 Chinese teams with great chemistry, ViCi know how to deliver in high-pressure moments. It all depends on the play of Paparazi, who’s had his share of low lights such as his performance at Katowice.

    Winning the TI9 would require a team to compete in their best form. The event happening in China this month is the culmination of the grueling path the participating teams have taken to get there. Having the TI9 best carry and support heroes could also spell the difference between who wins and who goes home empty-handed.

    PSG.LGD (+800)

    LGD were the favorites going into last year’s TI until they were beaten by OG in the Grand Finals, which had one of the most shocking underdog stories in Dota history.

    Since then, they haven’t been able to win anything notable but finished in a very respectable sixth place at the DPC. They have looked better since welcoming Yao as their new coach back in March. That said, we have to see more from them to see if they have what it takes to book a spot in the Finals.

    LGD work well under pressure, and with hardly any major changes since TI8, the players are surely still hungry for glory. With the crowd behind TI9 Chinese teams, anything could happen.

    LGD will be playing second fiddle to ViCi, who many believe to be China’s favorite team. At the same time, that should ease some pressure off LGD, which would allow them to focus more on their performance.

    Bet on TI9 Chinese Teams
    Bet on TI9 Chinese Teams

    Keen Gaming (+7100)

    Keen Gaming are a hard team to analyze. Their players have been together for an unusually long amount of time in the Dota scene, which benefits their synergy. The problem for Keen Gaming is their lack of competition in 2019 unlike most other TI9 Chinese teams.

    Except for the ESL One Birmingham, Keen Gaming haven’t really tested themselves in a legitimately competitive atmosphere. With most of their DPC points coming in the first half of the season, they have yet to prove themselves this year.

    In their most recent games, they’ve beaten the academies of RNG and Newbee. Their lack of games means they’ll be hard to counter-strat, but could also lead to a lack of knowledge of the current meta. Only time will tell how Keen Gaming will play at this year’s TI.

    Royal Never Give Up (+4600)

    The winner of the China qualifier – Royal Never Give Up is not having a successful season. Their only notable event win was the China qualifier. Up against international teams, they haven’t really been able to do much, aside from pulling off a few upsets.

    As with all these teams, the crowd can make a big difference in how they play. Their young star Monet needs to show up in a big way to challenge the powerhouses in attendance this year. It is by no means set in stone, but don’t be surprised if Royal Never Give Up pull off a few upsets this year.

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