Top Sleepers At The International 2019

    LanM Royal Never Give Up Dota 2

    Last year, The International proved to be one of the most exciting tournaments of all time, with OG pulling off a miracle run to take the crown. This year, there are at least a few potential TI9 Cinderella teams, which have come out of the qualifiers.

    Here are some of the teams Nitrogen Sports Blog think can make loud noises at The International 2019.

    Potential Cinderella teams at The International 2019


    Chaos Esports Club

    It seems like an age ago that Chaos came second at TI 2016 to Wings Gaming. Since then, their squad has been almost entirely altered. Chaos dominated the EU qualifiers, losing just two games throughout their entire run. Their team has recently picked up the legends Matumbaman and Misery.

    These players are hungry to get back to winning ways, and will be looking for revenge against their former teams, making TI a very exciting prospect for Chaos, who is rapidly becoming a favorite from the group of TI9 Cinderella teams.

    Natus Vincere

    A legendary name, Na’VI have been forced to come all the way through the CIS qualifiers at this TI. They were able to beat out fierce competition in Vega and Winstrike during their victory. In the vicious Dota pro scene, it is admirable how long their players have had together.

    With some of the big teams such as Liquid having huge changes recently, this fact will be crucial in Na’Vi pulling off an upset, and making a deep run at the tournament.
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    History can have a big impact on a team, and with the Na’Vi name behind them, stars such as MagicaL and Crystallize will certainly be motivated to prove that Na’Vi deserve to be labeled as not only among the the TI9 underdogs, but ultimately the top team overall.

    Royal Never Give Up

    The China qualifier was stacked this year, with teams such as EHOME, Newbee and IG all part of the competition. For RNG to get through them is impressive enough, but even more, they beat all of those teams convincingly.

    TI9 is moving to China for the first time ever, giving them the home advantage, which might be a factor why some are viewing them as having a huge potential to go the deepest among all TI9 Cinderella teams prospects. That will almost certainly have a huge impact on their matches.

    The player most beloved by Chinese fans is young superstar Monet, who has been dominating his matches with RNG. With the crowd behind him and an experienced leader in Flyby, the RNG could easily challenge for the title at TI this year.

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    Bet Bitcoin on TI9

    Esports is not that much different from the traditional sports humans have been playing for decades in the sense that regardless of the competition, there will always be perceived underdogs.

    And sometimes, perceptions don’t match reality — or in this case, the virtuality that’s about to go down at The International 2019.Speaking of which, the TI9 underdogs discussed in this article each have the ability to perform better than their odds, so if you’re looking to bet on them, it would be helpful if you check out Nitrogen Sports Blog’s esports betting guide.

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