Top Carry Players You Don’t Want to Lane Against This Dota 2 season

    July 15, 2019 | Esports Sports Ramzees666 Virtus Pro Best Carry Players

    The carry role in Dota is one of the most vital. They provide a key hero to rally around and grind out long, difficult games. The best players possess amazing strategic minds and lightning fast reactions to turn the tides of any teamfight into their team’s favor.

    However, some carries have stood above the rest this season as true beasts of the game. Here are the best DoTA 2 carry players that you definitely don’t want to meet this season, listed down by Nitrogen Sports Blog.

    Ramzees666 (

    Most common heroes: Invoker, Slark, Sven
    Virtus Pro’s Ramzees is one of the most talented players in the Dota scene today. The Russian has once again excelled this season, even with the VP side finding less titles. He is recognized by many fellow pros as one of the best carry players in DoTA 2 they’ve played against, and it’s clear why.

    He has the deadly combination of an aggressive playstyle but with enough self-control to use it at just the right moment. His wide hero pool leads to diverse drafts that mean his team can play what they want, and he can just make things work, no matter what. A vital player in the late game, Ramzees looks to be continuing his form into TI9.

    Ana (OG)

    Most common heroes: Invoker, Ember Spirit, Dragon Knight
    Ana exploded onto the pro scene back when he was just 16, in part due to his amazing skill in his role. His legacy was really cemented in the final game of TI8.

    A dominating performance on Ember Spirit earned him the title of the best carry players in the world, and it was well deserved. Despite taking some time away from action, Ana has managed to lead OG to success in difficult situations. While he never really dominates in his lane, in the mid and late game he is able to control the tempo in any situation, an invaluable skill to have at this level.

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    Paparazi (Vici Gaming)

    Most common heroes: Juggernaut, Lifestealer, Sven
    Vici Gaming’s Paparazi shot to popularity when he reached 8000 MMR, the first player in China to do so. This season, he’s been able to bag two important titles, including the DreamLeague Season 11 major.

    Vici Gaming also won StarLadder S1 prior to their DreamLeague success, which cemented their claim as the first team ever to win both events within a season.

    In both of these wins, he proved himself to be a tremendous asset for his team, utilizing a wide range of skills to grind out games late, and then pop off during teamfights. While not the best carry player in Dota, he is one of the most consistent, and sometimes that can make all the difference.

    Ame (LGD Gaming)

    Most common heroes: Sven, Juggernaut, Slark
    LGD has been one of the most successful teams in this year’s DPC, and a big part of that is due to Ame. He hasn’t been consistent, but when he is at his best, there are very few players who have been able to match him.

    He has destroyed teams on his Juggernaut, but has played dozens of other heroes this season, having one of the widest pools in the game. Ame is able to play both tactically and loosely at the same time, and has shown the ability to control the laning phase and late game. If he works on his consistency, then he could easily be the best carry in the world.

    Just like in most physical sports, a DoTA 2 team needs to be comprised of elite players if they want to have success. As made clear by this article, the best DoTA 2 carry players are most of the time the glue that holds their teams together.

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