Top Three Teams for Overwatch League Season 2, Stage 4

Overwatch League Top 3 Teams

Overwatch League is undergoing a seismic shift. Stage 4 of Season 2 introduced a hard 2-2-2 role lock. Each team now consists of two tanks, two healers and two damage heroes. The days of the dreaded ‘GOATS’ composition are over, delighting players and fans alike.

The role lock system allows damage players to return to their element. As such, stage 4 could showcase the mechanical skill of world-class hitscan players. However, damage roles won’t be the only deciding factor. These three teams proved their tank and healing skill in the previous stages.

Now, with damage players coming off the bench, they’re ready to push forward to the playoffs. Nitrogen Sports Blog lists down the top 3 teams in the Overwatch League Season 2, particularly in Stage 4.

Vancouver Titans

Among the top 3 teams playing at the Overwatch League Stage 4, the Vancouver Titans are new to the Overwatch League as of Season 2. Despite that, they’ve been the team to beat since their introduction. The Titans remained undefeated until Stage 2 of the playoffs.

The undisputed kings of the GOATS-meta, the Titans adapted well to the 2-2-2 role lock. Leading the charge is damage player Hyojong “Haksal” Kim. His unorthodox Genji picks allowed him to run roughshod over the competition.

Alongside some of the best supports in the league, Haksal is sure to appear in this stage’s playoffs.

London Spitfire

The London Spitfire are seasoned OWL veterans. As the winner of 2018’s Grand Finals, Spitfire came into Season 2 as the defending champions. But Spitfire struggled to compete in the GOATS heavy early stages. Freed from that composition, London are ready to win once again.

London’s Junyoung “Profit” Park is one of the strongest hitscan players in the league. Profit proved that his skills are still sharp, leading London to victory in every game this stage. Watch for London Spitfire as Overwatch League Season 2 progresses.

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Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons are the first OWL team to set a professional sports record. Unfortunately, that record is for the longest losing streak in professional sports. Shanghai failed to win a single game during the first season of Overwatch League. Due to this, the team cleaned house and kept very few of last season’s players.

Now, bolstered by these new additions, the Dragons made a name for themselves in season two. Stage 3 saw them debut a GOATS-busting comp that took down the Vancouver Titans. While GOATS is gone, that inventiveness will serve them well in the stage four playoffs.

The ongoing Overwatch League Season 2 features plenty of drama involving the competing teams. Add more thrill to the experience of watching Overwatch League Season 2, which is now at the Stage 4 juncture — featuring the top 3 teams we’ve discussed above — by making a bet or two. Before that, why not check out Nitrogen Sports Blog’s esports betting guide for extra tips.

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