The 3 Regions That Will Likely Win TI9

    August 16, 2019 | Esports Sports Taiga Alliance

    Throughout the DPC season, there have been 3 regions that have stood above all the others as the best. Coming into this year’s TI, it’s looking likely that our eventual victor will come from one of these places. Nitrogen Sports Blog goes into detail on TI9’s top regions.


    Europe is considered as TI9’s top regions thanks to their best up-and-coming talents at this year’s TI, something which will certainly give them the edge in a number of situations. With Europe having the youngest average age compared to major regions, the young superstars will have to shine if EU teams are to come out on top this year.

    In this meta, carries will be vital in the early and mid-game, so expect the young cores pulling off crazy plays to give their team a good lead. Eyes will be cast on Taiga, Alliance’s Norwegian youngster who has already shown his prowess with certain heroes.

    If you need a list of heroes you need to watch out for in the game, Nitrogen Sports Blog has compiled all top carry and support heroes in patch 7.22f in a post.


    China has been one of the most consistently good regions throughout Dota 2 history, and with TI taking place in China for the first time, they have the home crowd behind them. We’ve seen just how good some of the Chinese teams are, and how in-touch they are with the current meta. ViCi Gaming, in particular, is looking great this year.

    With no major changes coming into TI, you can expect unique strategies coming from players like Dy and Fade for superstars like Paparazzi to capitalize on. Will we get to see another play like the Roshan bait?

    South-East Asia

    SEA poses a threat to every other region, with one distinct advantage: they’re underdogs. A sleeper region with teams like Fnatic and TNC.Predator capable of doing damage if they are underestimated. We’ve seen just how diverse of a draft Mineski can put forward, and with them dominating the region’s qualifiers, there’s a good chance a big name could fall victim to this strategy again.

    It’s understandable if not many would pick a South-East Asia team as their favorite among all the teams competing at TI9, but if they play to their strengths and try to win the game in the draft, they could shock the other TI9 top regions in the competition.

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