The 3 Teams That Could Win ESL New York

    September 25, 2019 | Esports 2019 ESL New York Favorites Glaive Astralis

    ESL’s flagship North American event is just around the corner, with some huge names, including the current Top 3. Nitrogen Sports Blog looks at the ESL New York top three favorites that could win this 2019.

    ESL New York 2019 top 3 favorites



    Why they are among ESL New York top 3 favorites this 2019: Astralis will be attending ESL One New York as their first event after their historic victory in Berlin. They have now won four Majors – more than any other team – and that momentum looks to be continuing. Their only loss in Berlin was to NRG, however, they managed to beat their main rivals Liquid in the quarters.

    They currently hold a 100% win rate on maps Inferno and Vertigo which is likely to continue. And with all of their biggest threats in bad form, this is a good chance for them to claim the first event in Season 3 of the Intel Grand Slam.

    Team Liquid

    Team Liquid had been looking unstoppable up until the Berlin Major. They scraped through the group stages after losses to AVANGAR and NRG, and then fell 2-0 to Astralis. In ECS, they lost 2-0 to Sharks esports. After a shaky few performances, Liquid need to win New York to stay number one.

    In the last 3 months, they haven’t lost a single game on the map Inferno, and have won 90% of their games on Mirage. EliGE and Twistzz have both looked great the past few months, putting up a 1.24 and 1.17 rating respectively.

    However, the key will be Stewie2K, who looks to be underperforming after a dominant few months. If Liquid’s coach adreN can get him firing again, Liquid will be the team to beat.

    FaZe Clan

    Why they are among ESL New York top 3 favorites this 2019: After months of mediocrity, FaZe finally made changes after the major. They removed GuardiaN and Neo, and brought in young talent in the form of Broky. With a combination of skilled and experienced players, FaZe could be the right environment for this bright prospect to flourish, as he has done in FPL.

    Bet on 2019 ESL New York
    Bet on 2019 ESL New York

    By all accounts, FaZe has looked great in scrims after the Major, playing with Coldzera, who has been sitting on MiBR’s bench since he left the team in July. The Brazilian looks likely to join FaZe, which would be a gigantic boost to them if he plays for them in New York, and possibly make them one of the top 3 favorites in the event. FaZe is known to invest in new talent, and it could indeed pay off in ESL New York 2019.

    Do you see these teams as top 3 contenders for ESL New York 2019? Group Stage opening matches start soon and just in case you’re new to CS:GO betting, be sure to check out our esports betting guide for a few tips.

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