These are the teams poised to win the CS:GO Asia Championships 2019

    November 19, 2019 | Esports CSGO Asia Championships 2019

    Kicking off on Wednesday, the 2019 CS:GO Asia Championships will feature a best-of-three format in all matches, including the group stage. This means that all matches will matter, especially with such a stacked lineup of teams. Nitrogen Sports blog looks into the teams that could take it all.

    The Favorites


    Evil Geniuses (+150)

    Currently ranked second in the world, Evil Geniuses have had a string of tournament wins since September, including ESL One New York. On paper, they easily beat all the teams featured, with the next highest ranked being AVANGAR. They owe this to their diverse map pool, having a >50% win-rate on every map aside from Overpass, which they usually ban. Their match with G2 Esports should go well if their previous games are anything to be considered.

    They’ve inflicted 16-8 and 16-7 defeats on the French lineup previously. All of their players can perform, with their lowest rating be Stanislaw’s very respectable 0.99, a stat which is more impressive when you consider that he is their IGL. Brehze and Cerq almost always step up when the teams need them to do so, and will likely have no trouble against the teams in their group.

    Their toughest match-up will likely be MIBR, but is currently on a downward spiral based on recent performances.

    Mousesports (+400)

    Mousesports looked like a very promising lineup when they picked up Karrigan and Frozen all those months ago. Recently, however, they have looked mediocre. This doesn’t change the fact that their lineup is very strong, and has some of the most talented players in the game. Karrigan is still considered one of the best IGLs, and he will be able to keep the team focused if they’re in a bad situation. We’ll be seeing a lot of Nuke and Overpass – their most consistent maps – something which will help them against ENCE and ViCi, two teams that also prefer these maps.

    Based on their group, it’s highly likely to see Mousesports advance, meaning the real challenge will come in the playoffs – this is where Karrigan’s leadership and the talent of the younger players, Ropz and Frozen, will be key in winning the 2019 CS:GO Asia Championships.

    MIBR (+650)

    The Brazilians are entering the 2019 CS:GO Asia Championships a bit shaky based on recent tournaments, and seem less motivated after Coldzera’s departure, who is now part of FaZe Clan. Despite this, MIBR still have extremely good players at their disposal.

    Fer and FalleN have been able to carry the team through notable victories, and they maintain high win-rates on the maps that they play. Their real test will be putting their skills to use against teams like Evil Geniuses, who have been very good at shutting out superstars like ZyWoo.


    The Asia Championships begin this week and Nitrogen Sports has the latest betting lines for the Group Stage matches.



    The Sleepers


    G2 Esports (+880)

    Since the acquisition of Hunter and Nexa, G2 have looked dangerous. They have an 83% win-rate on Train and have beat some very big names on Dust2. They sometimes lack focus and their players can get upset if things aren’t going their way. They’ll have to keep a cool head as they are capable of pulling off an upset against the high caliber teams competing in China this week.

    AVANGAR (+1700)

    The Kazakhstani team surprised everyone when they made a finals run at the last major, and have been able to stay in the top 10 ever since. Their main maps – Train, Dust2 and Mirage – are ones where they can play their less structured style, and it will likely work well against less experienced teams like ViCi.

    Their opening matchup of Mousesports will be a challenge, but if Jame and qikert perform, then they will likely pull through. They are, on paper, the strongest team in their group and should have no troubles against ENCE and ViCi.

    The 2019 CSGO Asia Championships will begin on November 20 and will run until November 24. To stay updated and informed on anything regarding esports betting with Bitcoin, check out our esports betting guide.

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