The big changes from Dota 2’s Outlanders Update

Dota 2 Outlanders update

The first major for the 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit season has ended and we witnessed TNC Predator taking the first big win at the MDL Chengdu Major against Vici Gaming 3-1. But just like always, an end to a major means a change in the playing field. The Dota 2 Outlanders update, also known as the 7.23 patch, is packed with changes that some might consider it a completely new game. There’s a lot to take in, but Nitrogen Sports Blog lists down the biggest changes you should know before jumping in for a game or two.

Two new heroes – Void Spirit & Snapfire

Void Spirit is a melee carry that’s able to make illusions of himself that redirects an enemy’s movement towards the illusion’s position. He can teleport himself by using one of the portals he creates and has an ultimate that damages then slows enemies caught in the attack. He seems crazy to face when his shield skill is active and has decent burst potential for a melee hero.

On the other hand, we have Snapfire, a ranged support hero that has stun and slow abilities to provide space for heroes in team fights. The Firesnap Cookie skill, in particular, causes Snapfire or an ally to hop towards a certain direction which stuns and damages those caught in the landing zone.

We can already see Techies partnering with Void Spirit to force enemies into mines, or Snapfire providing cover fire during a team fight with her Mortimer Kisses. Time will tell if these two new heroes will be viable choices in the new meta. Having two new heroes thanks to the Dota 2 Outlanders update is a big addition, but this is nothing compared to the changes done to the game itself.

Map reworked – Outposts are in, side shops are out

The Dota 2 map was also given a facelift as locations of key areas have been shuffled and even outright removed. For starters, there are no more sideshops on the top and bottom lanes of the map. They are now replaced with Outposts, structures that provide vision and experience if controlled by a team. Players can even teleport to their controlled Outpost, providing a new way to traverse the map.

Bounty runes were also repositioned as well as the ideal spots to drop Observer wards. The jungle areas were also changed a bit so you’ll need to learn the new pathways to maximize your time farming.


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Neutral creeps now drop items

The Dota 2 Outlanders update now has neutral creeps dropping valuable items, a big change that could affect the support role specifically as there’s now more items to go around. There are 62 unique neutral items available and are divided into five tiers. The availability of these items opens up tier after tier as the game progresses.

Big changes – Aghanim’s Scepter effects, level 30 cap, and more

Every patch comes with changes to a variety of heroes available in the game, but this patch, in particular, has a good amount of changes as to how Aghanim’s Scepter affects certain heroes’ abilities, as they even outright add a new one that could change how you approach certain heroes.
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Just to give you an idea – Ancient Apparition’s Chilling Touch no longer has a cooldown, Chaos Knight can now make illusions of his allies with Phantasm, and Enchantress now has a skill that moves her backwards 400 units away.

The level cap of heroes was also increased from level 25 to level 30. Each player is given their own respective Carrier for free which by the way levels up with your hero and Observer Wards are also free. This is just a taste of massive changes that will affect how people play the game, especially to those that play the hard support role.

Read up on the official Dota 2 7.23 patch notes to get updated as there’s a lot to take in from hero nerfs and buffs, neutral items, and how to traverse this altered map. So sit back and while you’re at it, be sure to check out our esports betting guide to know how esports betting works with the use of Bitcoin.

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