Teams To Watch At ESL Pro League S9 Finals

ESL Pro League Teams

After months of competition, the ESL Pro League Finals is heading to Montpellier to determine which is the best team this season. While there are the obvious favorites, there are also a number of unknown quantities that could surprise everyone at this event.

With that in mind, Nitrogen Sports Blog lists down the top ESL Pro League teams to watch in the Season 9 Finals.

Top favorites at ESL Pro League S9 Finals



They may have been knocked off the top spot recently by Team Liquid, but Astralis are among the ESL Pro League teams to be feared. They dominated every team in their group without losing a single match. But after a completely unexpected group stage exit to Furia at ECS, many are beginning to question if Astralis are still the superteam they were in 2018.

Don’t expect anyone to sleep on them though. After all, they have had the time to make adjustments since then and still stand strong as one of the best teams in the world, making them the obvious favorites coming into the finals.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid seem to have finally gotten over their old “choking” mentality, and are finally claiming some much-deserved trophies. After their win in Dallas they were able to claim the top spot on the HLTV rankings from Astralis for the first time since April 2018.

Team Liquid will have to prove themselves again though, as they’ll be facing the Danes for the first time in months. However with all of their players looking sharp and renewed, Liquid come into the tournament as a team to be feared.

The sleepers among ESL Pro League teams



After struggling with various stand-ins, FaZe look to be on an upwards trajectory again. The recent addition of Counter-Strike legend NEO led them to a semi-final at Dallas, where they were narrowly beaten by ENCE.

No matter the situation, their superstar NiKo can’t be underestimated, and with no S1mple at this event, he’s likely to want to prove his might even more. While recent weeks have been rough for both the organisation and the players, FaZe seem to be trending nicely, making them part of the group of ESL Pro League teams to watch in the finals.


Mousesports made huge changes after the Katowice major, bringing in former FaZe IGL Karrigan and young star Frozen as well as Turkish rifler, Woxic.

Since then, it’s been rather quiet for the team with only a few tournament appearances. However, they won their Pro League group and were able to dominate Dreamhack Tours, taking the title while losing just a single map. While not the favorites by any measure, Mousesports will likely be able to keep in step with any team they face.

They have looked good in recent competition, albeit against lesser opposition. If their young guns in Ropz and Frozen can step up as they have in their previous matches, Mousesports could go deep in this tournament.

Bet Bitcoin on ESL Pro League Finals S9
Bet Bitcoin on ESL Pro League Finals S9

The longshots



None of the players on HellRaisers would be thought of as the best in their respective roles, but they are solid players nonetheless. After picking up Oskar, the team has looked more refined, benefitting from his years of experience. If there’s one thing the team struggles with, it’s consistency.

One day HellRaisers seem they can go toe to toe with any team on the planet. The next day, they are losing to teams twenty ranks below them. They have a fairly easy path to go far in their group at the finals.

While it would be a huge shock if they were to take it all, HellRaisers have a certain spark that will make them an interesting team to watch at this event.

Esports is really making quite a stride into the mainstream — if it hasn’t already. It’s just a matter of time before these Esports squads and members become household names, including the ESL Pro League teams we just discussed above.

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