Overwatch League Season 2 Grand Finals Preview

    September 20, 2019 | Esports Overwatch League Season 2 Grand Finals

    The second season of the Overwatch League is almost over. OWL Playoffs concluded Sunday with the final game of the losers’ bracket. San Francisco Shock won 4-0 over the New York Excelsior. This earned Shock a spot at the Overwatch League Season 2 grand finals against the Vancouver Titans.

    OWL’s team ratings underwent a seismic shift between the seasons. Powerhouses like the London Spitfire failed to make it into this year’s playoffs. Former middle-of-the-pack San Francisco Shock made consistent showings in each stage. In addition, Vancouver’s expansion team proved near overwhelming throughout season 2. Nitrogen Sports Blog talks discusses more about the season below.

    Overwatch League Season 2 Grand Finals preview


    Vancouver Titans

    In their first season, the Vancouver Titans were aggressive in recruiting top talent. DPS Hyojong ‘Haksal’ Kim and Sangbeom ‘BUMPER’ Park led them to a record-breaking season. The Titans did not suffer their first regular play defeat until Stage 3.

    There’s no doubt that the Titans perfected the GOATS meta. Until the Stage 4 introduction of the 2-2-2 lock, few teams could stand against the Titans GOATS line-up. Although GOATS is gone, the Titans adapted well and pulled through into the Overwatch League Season 2 grand finals.

    San Francisco Shock

    Expectations at the start of S1 were high for San Francisco. The Shock paid a high price to recruit star DPS player Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won. At 17, Sinatraa was not immediately eligible. Even when he did join the game, he proved he still had some maturing to do.

    Less toxic and more measured, Sinatraa led the Shock to the final game of each stage in S2. San Francisco even overcame the Titans, shattering their undefeated streak.

    The shift from GOATS meta allowed Sinatraa to shift back into a DPS role. Also, teammates Min-Ho ‘Architect’ Park and Dong-Jun ‘Rascal’ Kim played throughout stage 4. San Francisco did well countering GOATS – but 2-2-2 is their home turf. How will they fare at the Overwatch League Season 2 grand finals?

    The Upcoming Final

    The Grand Finals mark the third time that Vancouver will face San Francisco at the end of a stage. The Titans edged past the Shock in the Stage 1 final. Stage 2 reversed for a San Francisco win. Going into this next game, both teams have marked advantages.

    The Vancouver Titans won the winner’s bracket of the playoffs. Their last series consisted of a brutal 7-game gauntlet against the NYXL. In contrast, the Shock won the loser’s bracket – also against NYXL. But, they did so in a 4-0 blowout. As such, the San Francisco Shock hold a slight edge over the Vancouver Titans.

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