Overwatch League Playoffs: The Grand Finals No One Expected

    July 27, 2018 | Esports Sports Overwatch League Playoffs Grand Finals

    The major upsets continue in the Overwatch League playoffs as we see top favorites New York Excelsior and the Los Angeles Valiant going home in the semi-finals. The Overwatch esports community didn’t see this coming. Now, we have the London Spitfire and the Philadelphia Fusion facing each other in the grand finals and it honestly felt like their playoff journeys to this point was an easy one.

    Between the Spitfire and the Fusion, both are on par with each other and it can go either way and the Overwatch betting odds agree.
    Matchup history:
    Stage 1: London Spitfire 4 – 0 Philadelphia Fusion (London wins Stage 1 title against NYX)
    Stage 2: London Spitfire 4 – 0 Philadelphia Fusion
    Stage 3: London Spitfire 2 – 3 Philadelphia Fusion
    Stage 4: London Spitfire 1 – 3 Philadelphia Fusion

    London Spitfire’s adjustment in the current meta

    London Spitfire Overwatch Grand Finals
    The London Spitfire is a team that had its ups and downs during the regular season. They proved that they are one of the good teams in the league by grabbing the first stage title win against the New York Excelsior, but struggled in the next few stages. Now, with the current game build, plus the introduction of the reworked Hanzo in the Overwatch League, we see a confident London team that is properly utilizing the changes to their strategies.

    The Spitfires are coming into this grand finals with a combined map score of 12-4 in the playoffs.

    Philadelphia Fusion’s proved everybody wrong

    Phildelphia Fusion Overwatch Grand Finals
    The Philadelphia Fusion had it pretty rough since the league began. They had to play without top tank player Su-min “Sado” Kim due to a heavy suspension that lasted for most of the regular season.

    They even canceled their pre-season matches due to “player logistic issues”. The philly team barely made the cut for the playoffs and fans were expecting them to make a quick exit. They’ve silenced all doubts by dominating the best team in the league.

    They look like a completely different team with the current meta, or maybe because they are now in full force? With Sado now back in the rotation together with Carpe’s insane performance as a damage dealer, we just might see the Fusion taking it, or at the very least expect a close game between the two teams.

    Overwatch League Grand Finals Betting Odds

    Place your wagers today! Game 1 will be on July 27, 7PM ET. Game 2 will be on July 28, 4PM ET, and if it goes all the way Game 3 is scheduled to follow at 6PM ET.

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