Na’Vi, A Sure Win In BLAST Pro Series Moscow?

    September 6, 2019 | Esports Sports 2019 Navi Blast Pro Series

    With BLAST Pro Series Moscow being the first event after the Berlin major, it should give us a good idea of who is truly at the top. Na’Vi, with it being almost a home tournament, are favored to win Blast Pro Series 2019. However, is it really that certain that Na’Vi will win? Nitrogen Sports blog breaks down their biggest challenges.

    UPDATE: Team Vitality withdrew from the tournament due to roster issues and was replaced by a CIS Play-in, making both forZe and AVANGAR to qualify for the tournament.

    For every person who says Na’Vi will win the BLAST Pro Series Moscow, there will be another who’ll bring up Team Vitality.

    Currently, Na’Vi are ranked sixth in the world, with Team Vitality being second. Vitality have had a string of good results recently, at IEM Chicago they came second to Team Liquid, and made it to the playoffs of the Berlin major. With their star player ZyWoo putting up better numbers than ever, the match between Na’Vi and Vitality could be seen as a battle between S1mple and ZyWoo for the title of the best player in the world.

    Both teams have been criticized for relying too much on their stars, struggling to grind out games when they’re not at their very best. Despite being a relativity new team, Vitality are no stranger to big stages and will present a huge challenge to Na’Vi in Moscow.

    Bet on 2019 Blast Pro Series Moscow
    Bet on 2019 Blast Pro Series Moscow

    ENCE could also be an issue, with the Finnish side picking up one of the world’s best riflers, SunNy. Moscow will be their first event with him, and with the new format of BLAST, it will prove a huge test. Due to this being their first event, they might not pose as much of a threat as they could to Na’Vi, but with the skill of SunNy, anything could happen, and the Ukrainian side will need to be careful.

    While in theory MIBR shouldn’t pose much of a threat, Na’Vi have been reckless at times before, and will need to play a solid game to grind out difficult maps, which MIBR can do very well.

    AVANGAR and ForZe are also two teams who could easily nab a map off Na’Vi. AVANGAR in particular made it to the playoff stage of the Berlin major, and are looking more and more solid as a team each time they play. ForZe may not have the star power, but they have broken into the Top 30, and are looking like one of the better Russian teams.

    Na’Vi will have to be very careful not to lose out to an underdog in Moscow, but they should remain favorites to take the BLAST Pro Series title this time around.

    Supporters of Na’Vi are confident that the team will win the BLAST Pro Series 2019, but there’s no such thing as a sure thing in any competition. Make your picks for this event and make a bet. But before that, check out our esports betting guide for more tips.

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