Dota 2 TI9 Fantasy Predictions

    August 6, 2019 | Esports Sports TI9 Fantasy Predictions

    One of the best ways to level up your Compendium this year is the prediction section. The players who pick the right teammates, heroes and teams will have the opportunity to gain over 20 levels.

    Here are TI9 predictions for this year’s Compendium prepared by Nitrogen Sports Blog.

    TI9 heroes predictions


    Most picked hero – Grimstroke

    With recent meta changes due to the new patch, Grimstroke has become far and away the most favored support. His stun abilities can turn the tide of teamfights, and his damage far exceeds any other support hero, making him a multi-faceted weapon in the right hands.

    Most recently, he had the highest pick rate at the Epicenter major, and was also played by nearly every team at the TI9 qualifiers.Count Grimstroke as being the most popular hero one of our TI9 predictions.

    Most banned hero – Io

    Although Ember Spirit was most banned near the beginning of the TI9 qualifiers, in recent matches and towards the end of those tournaments, Io began to emerge as one of the best supports.

    The current meta favors the early game victors, and with Io’s ganking ability, expect it to be banned a lot at TI9.

    Hero with highest win rate – Lich

    The flaw with this category is that if a hero is picked just once, and wins that game, it will have a 100 percent win rate. We’ve recently been seeing a lot of teams go for early game dominance.

    This approach is where the off-meta Lich excels at, especially with Frost Blast and his other abilities.

    TI9 players predictions


    Player with the highest kill Average – Ana

    There’s really no other obvious choice here, which is also why this is one of our favorite TI9 predictions. The Australian has been enjoying himself after his return to OG, and it shows. He’s been able to dominate games with carry heroes, and the team has been able to work around him to snowball games until they can’t be stopped.

    Player with the most kills in a game – Micke

    Perhaps not the first person you would think of, but Micke has been racking up kills lately, and held the kill record at both MDL Disneyland and Dota PIT. A less clear choice, but one to keep an eye on.

    Player with the lowest death average – Nikobaby

    Mineski as a whole has a pretty low death average, and Nikobaby’s skills have led to him consistently being the player with the least deaths. His playstyle takes less risks in lane, and allows him to snowball well in teamfights.

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    TI9 teams predictions


    Team with the most kills in a game – Virtus.Pro

    VP may have fallen off in recent months, but they are still a hyper-aggressive team. Their no fear attitude leads to outrageous amounts of kills for both sides, but if they win convincingly you can expect them to dominate the opponent in this regard.

    A pretty good pick considering the current meta and how it favors strong carries.

    Team with the highest kill average – LGD

    Let’s add LGD in our TI9 predictions, shall we? LGD are expected to make another deep run this year, and with their playstyle of drafting high damage, late-game heroes in recent matches, they could very easily become the team with the highest kill average.

    The further a team goes, the more they achieve in this category, making them a smart choice for multiple reasons.

    Team with the fewest deaths in a game – Mineski

    Mineski have one of the lowest death averages in TI9, and also like to win quickly. This combination makes them a nice choice for this category.

    Enjoyed reading our TI9 predictions? You can read more about the upcoming TI9 and an esports betting guide by exploring Nitrogen Sports Blog.

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