Can EG or Team Liquid win ECS on their home turf?

ECS 2019 TL Twistzz

Kicking off on November 28th, the ECS Season 8 finals feature a stacked lineup of the best teams in the world. With the event taking place at the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas, two of the American teams in attendance –Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses — will have the home advantage. Will it be enough to take it all? Nitrogen Sports Blog looks into these two top favorites.

Team Liquid at ECS Season 8

Team Liquid comes into the tournament at #4 on the world rankings, after a slight dip in performance since September. They were able to easily qualify for the LAN finals, but they’ll be facing tougher competition now. Their opening game against NiP could prove a challenge.

Separated by only 4 places in the rankings, the two teams most recently met at BLAST Copenhagen, where NiP saw off Liquid 16-11. Nevertheless, Liquid are poised to do well in the tournament. They will likely get out of their group (along with EG), utilizing their biggest strength: that all five of their players can frag.

Unlike other teams, Liquid does not sacrifice strategy for firepower, and all 5 of their players can pop off. In particular, Twistzz has impressed the past few months, boasting a 1.14 rating and a K/D of 1.22. Nitr0 and EliGE, Liquid’s most consistent players, will be vital in the first half of rounds with their crazy 0.13 and 0.11 opening kills per round stats.


The teams have been assigned their respective groups for the Group Stage and Nitrogen Sports has the latest betting lines for the opening matches of ECS S8.



Evil Geniuses at ECS Season 8

Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, are currently ranked 2nd in the world. Put into the same group as Liquid, they arguably have an easier ride out of there, with their opening matchup being AVANGAR. After crashing out of the Asia Championships, an event they were favorite to win, EG needs to prove themselves on home soil.

EG’s win-rates on certain maps are still some of the highest in the tournament, in particular, their 82% W/R on Inferno. Their superstar AWPer Cerq will almost certainly step up again. He managed to obtain a rating of 1.05 at CAC, despite his team underperforming.

Another player to watch out for is Ethan. He was hugely impressive at CAC, with a rating of 1.10. He’s achieved a rating of 1.16 overall in recent months, and should be able to perform against AVANGAR. EG could easily go far at ECS, but it will come down to individual performance, and whether or not their stars will step up.

In the Group Stage, It’s going to be a tough road with both EG and Team Liquid placed on the same group and will have to face AVANGAR, Ninjas in Pyjamas, as well as their other NA neighbor to win one of the two spots in order to advance. On the other side, there are Astralis, Fnatic, two teams that are likely to advance as they are also one of the top favorites to win the ECS Season 8 finals.

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