The Carry and Support Heroes To Watch Out For During TI9’s Patch

TI9 Support and Carry Heroes

The latest Dota 2 patch has, as always, brought with it a number of changes to make certain heroes better (or worse). While some of these nerfs and buffs will have little effect on pub games, their impact on pro games could be drastic, especially with TI9 coming up.

Nitrogen Sports Blog looks at the latest patches along with the top TI9 carry and support heroes to watch out for after the patch.

*details below are based on patch 7.22e and 7.22f of Dota 2.

The best TI9 support heroes



Lich has received one of the best buffs in the entire patch among all TI9 support heroes. After his rework, this support hero has had his base intelligence upped, as well as key abilities buffed. He’ll now deal more damage with Chain Frost and will be able to deliver a nasty stun at Level 25.

With him being out of the meta for so long, we could once again see Lich in action during TI9, possible forcing out late game teamfights more than games featuring a lot of early game ganks.


Io has always excelled at healing and buffing allies, which makes this Dota 2 patch 7.22 a big nerf for the hero. Tether’s healing has been reduced at level 1 to just 60 percent.

It seems that Io is only viable in an extremely long game, and with other heroes in the draft to support it. It’s unlikely that Io will be played extensively at TI9 as it has been in the past few months.


Among the TI9 support heroes to watch out for, Omniknight emerged as a support option at Epicenter, and since then was picked or banned in almost every game at the TI9 qualifiers. After this brief period of play, he’s been nerfed once again, with durations and cooldowns of both Guardian Angel and Purification nerfed, especially at lower levels.

While he’s certainly not out of the meta, we may see him transition out of the support role at TI9 due to these changes.


Chen, after being a staple in almost every game for so long, is now back out of the meta. Players have complained about him for a long time, and it seems that he’s finally been dealt with. His base damage has been reduced by 4, seriously nerfing his ability to win lane early on in the game.

To make matters worse, he’s also slower now with a reduction in movement speed and his Divine Favor was given a nasty cooldown increase. With all of these changes now in effect for TI9, there is little reason to play him now.

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Top TI9 carry heroes



Luna has received a very helpful buff which puts her right back into the meta. She will now buff her allies’ strongest attribute, rather than just their damage. This means that teams playing her can optimize the draft to their own strengths, rather than countering the opponent.

Now one of the top TI9 carry heroes, she will certainly be played a lot at TI9, once again leading to late-game, teamfight heavy brawls. The added base damage increase in patch 7.22f always helps, too.

It could come out as a shocker if we see top dota 2 carry players picking Luna during TI9, but you can’t blame them with the recent buffs.


Mirana is a decent pick from a pool of TI9 carry heroes, but it looks like she could see more play with her recent changes. Patch 7.22e improves Sacred Arrow by not only receiving a damage buff but a cooldown reduction that could help in the late game.

For her to have better sustain, she was given a base intelligence increase of 3, and more mana regeneration is always a good thing for a hero like Mirana.


Lycan has received a few changes this patch that could very well see him creep back into the meta. His base stats have been buffed, as well as his talents. The only thing that could hold him back is new RNG on his crits, however, with many heroes sharing this, it seems to merely be a balancing measure.

The latest TI9 patch is a game changer, with TI9 carry and support heroes being impacted significantly, as detailed in this article. Continue browsing Nitrogen Sports Blog for more on the latest esports articles, which includes an esports betting guide which offers a great rundown of items when wagering on online sports.

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