MDL Disneyland Paris Major: 5 Underdog Teams To Keep An Eye On

MDL Disneyland Paris Major

With 15,000 DPC points up for grabs, the latest major could prove vital in getting to The International, especially in the latter stages of the season.

While most people have their eyes on the usual suspects, things might not be so straightforward at this major. Read on as Nitrogen Sports Blog lists down five underdog teams to monitor ahead of the MDL Paris Major.

5 Best Sleepers in the MDL DIsneyland Paris Major


PaiN Gaming

PaiN Gaming has a number of areas they can tap into to give them the upper hand in the major. Most notably, their star player in Liposa is an offlaner. Recent meta changes have made this far and away the strongest position going into the major, meaning they have the potential to gather momentum behind their captain.

While they’re unlikely to win it all, PaiN Gaming has the perfect mix of spirit and talent to be considered as a potential giant killer at the Paris Major.


OG’s star player Ana has returned to the lineup, bringing with him renewed hopes of success to one of the MDL Paris Major underdogs.

A good showing at this major could put to bed rumors of discord within the team, while also giving the original “miracle” lineup’s confidence a huge shot in the arm.

If Ana can perform the same way he used to, OG should have little trouble in securing a knockout stages finish at this major.

Evil Geniuses

After a loss to Keen Gaming at the Stockholm Major in the upper bracket, many considered EG to be in a slump.

However, once the qualifiers started for the MDL Major, EG looked to be back to its winning ways. The team lost only one game in the NA closed qualifier, and was able to secure themselves a spot.

EG now has two things it hasn’t had for months: momentum and confidence. If it can keep its winning ways in the group stage, then EG should be able to make a deep run.

Bet Bitcoin on MDL Disneyland Paris Major
Bet Bitcoin on MDL Disneyland Paris Major

Team Team (Beastcoast)

Young lineup Team Team has already tasted victory, winning the NADCL Season 3 Premiere to put its name as among the MDL Paris Major underdogs. In its most recent tournament, at the ESL One Mumbai, Team Team had a very respectable showing. It topped Group A against the likes of Na’Vi and TNC, before being eliminated in the knockout stages.

With the players becoming more experienced in the big stages, Team Team’s greatest advantage could be found on its element of surprise. It has already shown what can happen when it’s underestimated, and it seems likely that another lineup could make the same mistake at this major.

On May 1, the esports organization Beastcoast officially signed Team Team’s roster, marking the Paris Major as its debut event.


The Southeast-Asian lineup seems to have finally found a way to make it work. Mineski was expected to go out in the early stages of Mumbai, however the team managed to make it all the way to the final, where it was beaten by Keen Gaming.

Mineski’s synergy has been a strength of this team, whose players have proven they are all capable of playing multiple roles. Coming up against the likes of Virtus.Pro, finding ways to diversify its attack will be crucial for Mineskil. Mineski has also shown a great grasp on the current meta, and has been able to bring out clutch plays at just the right time.

Barring any major game updates, Mineski is certainly in a great position to go even further than it did in Mumbai, and stand as a real threat to any team in the MDL Paris Major.

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