UFC 239: What If Jon Jones Got Stipe Miocic Instead Of Thiago Santos?

    March 29, 2019 | Combat Sports Jon Jones for UFC 239

    UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones (24-1 1NC) is set to headline UFC 239 in Las Vegas, with Thiago Santos (21-6) challenging for the belt.

    The fight was first reported by ESPN following a rumor that Jones will be inside the Octagon with former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic — one that Jones fueled with a single tweet.

    Santos has impressed since moving up from middleweight with three straight victories, but he’s unlikely to bring anything to the Octagon that Jones hasn’t seen before.

    When Jones threw a curveball by hinting at a potential matchup with Miocic on social media, MMA fans couldn’t help but fantasize about a possible matchup between the two stars.

    A showdown involving Jones and Miocic remains a dream — for now — but not an improbable one. If we’re staring at a fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic down the road, here’s how we think the two match up against each other.

    What if: Jones vs Moicic

    Miocic (18-3) has been holding out for a rematch with Daniel Cormier (22-1 1NC) following his loss at UFC 226 in 2018, but Jones could be the one to draw the firefighter away from the sidelines.

    It would be an intriguing move, considering there’s no love lost between DC and Jones, and the winner would undoubtedly be aiming to face Cormier for the heavyweight strap at a later date.

    Despite being a reserved character, Stipe is as brave as they come, and he’s a dangerous matchup for Jones. The former is always talking about his legacy, while the latter is widely seen as the best mixed-martial artist in the world.

    Miocic has a lot of pounds on Jones, as he’s a natural heavyweight, but more than his frame, the Ohio native does seem to have the unique skill set that can give Jones a big headache.

    Stipe Miocic is faster than the average heavyweight, and he has the ability to stick to a game plan. There’s no easy way to stop Bones, so going for a knockout could be Miocic’s best approach.

    They’re of similar height (6’4”), but Jones has a clear reach advantage. Miocic has potent power and boxing prowess, but he’ll have to be very careful in engaging Jones standing up, as the latter have 10 knockout wins. Jones likes to pummel opponents with multiple oblique kicks, which have been a staple in his offensive arsenal.

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    Would Stipe Miocic be a better opponent for Jones heading into UFC 239? Arguably, he’d have a better chance than Thiago Santos, and it would allow Bones to potentially step up and dominate the heavyweight division in the future.

    As for Miocic, a win against Jones would get him closer to the fight with DC that he craves. Moreover, it would be another interesting development in the ongoing saga between Jones and Cormier.

    It’s official. Jon Jones will fight Thiago Santos at UFC 239, but the world of combat sports will continue to be intrigued by a possible Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic bout. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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