Top 10 Hottest UFC Ring Girls of All Time

Arianny Celeste UFC hottest ring girls

While the Ultimate Fighting Championship will always be known for its intense hand-to-hand combat inside the famed Octagon, it’s also known to have some of the most gorgeous babes ringside and during their press conferences. As such, it’s time for us to pay tribute to the UFC’s knockout ring girls.

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Join us as we count down the top 10 hottest UFC ring girls of all time (in alphabetical order). And for all the latest news and updates in and out of the Octagon, head on over to Nitrogen Sports Blog after this.



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Jhenny Andrade

First things first: Neymar was a fool to let this Butt-iful bombshell go.

Not only is Jhenny Andrade packing quite the junk in her trunk, but she’s also got brains to boot. She’s formerly worked as a writer for VIP Magazine for about seven years as one of the luscious literary wonders we sorely miss reading. Oh, and Jhenny from the Brazilian block has also won the UFC Ringcard Girl of the Year award three times over.

Carly Baker

We’d certainly love to dip our fish n’ chips on English hottie Carly Baker’s body and possibly ask her out for some “bangers and mash” if you catch our drift. Although, we might be turning off the petite fitness freak with such unhealthy eating and carnal habits.

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Chrissy Blair

Hailing from the Sunshine State, Chrissy Blair continues to light up the UFC scene with her glowing and bubbly presence. Sorry about your loss, Strikeforce.

Arianny Celeste

Arguably the queen of all UFC ring girls, it’s really hard to argue that Arianny Celeste truly deserves that recognition considering that she’s won a record six UFC Ringcard Girl of the Year awards.

Arianny was also one of Dana White’s top female assets at the peak of his promotion’s skyrocket to fame, as she was the center of attention outside the Octagon as well. Many mouth-watering pics of the half-Mexican, half-Filipina beauty can be seen with a simple google search from renowned publications such as Sports Illustrated, Maxim, FHM, and, above else, Playboy!

Edith Labelle

Chic and chiseled Canadian hottie Edith Labelle had a rather short stint in the UFC, serving only two years in the promotion that ended in quite a bit of controversy in 2009. But with a killer bod like hers, the first-ever Canuck UFC ring girl has had no problem getting back on her feet. 


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Holly Madison

Speaking of feet, former Playboy model Holly Madison had her feet in the UFC’s door given her evident sultry status in the public eye already. However, Holly’s stint was short-lived, as she only acted as a celebrity ring girl for UFC 100.

But hey, we’ll take a one-fight stand with this “Girl Next Door” any day of the week.

Amber Nichole-Miller

The OG ring girl of the Octagon, Amber Nichole Miller continues to linger in our fantasies well after her time in the UFC spotlight that began in 2002. Best not make those fantasies a reality, though, unless you want to get a shiner from none other than her hulk of a man, Tito Ortiz.

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Brittney Palmer

In 2012, Brittney Palmer took a page out of Arianny Celeste and Holly Madison’s playbook by posing for Playboy that year. In turn, she joined Celeste and Jhenny Andrade as the only girls to have won the UFC Ringcard Girl of the Year award. Hugh Hefner can only wish to have his fair share of gross sexy time with this Cali babe.

Ali Sonoma

Another buxom blonde that came and went in a flash was Ali Sonoma, who won the UFC’s contest in search for the next ringside hottie back in 2006. 

Ali will also be remembered for marrying polarizing fighter Diego Sanchez, with the two only lasting one year as a betrothed couple. You could say that she “got around” the Octagon and got out of it just as fast.

Logan Stanton

We wouldn’t take it against other unaware readers that if they hear the name Logan Stanton, they’ll immediately imagine some grizzly dude that’s good at baseball. Well, that was certainly our first impression before seeing and realizing that she’s possibly the cutest ring girl that the UFC ever had. 

Forgive us, Logan; we were foolish to associate you with a mental image of a Wolverine-meets-Giancarlo abomination.

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